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It may be a Black and Yellow Argiope, which is a common orb web spider. Follow the related link to see a picture.

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Black spider with orange zigzag marks?

This is most likely a common garden spider. They typically are described as black and yellow, but the yellow markings can appear orange at times.

What is the name of the black spider with two red stripes or ovals on its back?

black widow No this isn't a black widow...their red or orange markings are on the spiders belly since Black widows hang under their webs. The best guess is a jumping spider if the markings are visible when the spider is walking around. The Australian Redback Widow is the exception to the rule, it's markings as it's name implies on on the back.

What kind of black spider has bright blue markings on it?

A black spider that has bright blue markings on it might be a Daring Jumping Spider. This spider is a silk spinner, but does not make a web. It is not harmful to humans.

What spider is Black looks like black widow with white shape on underside?

It's my understanding that the color of the markings on a black widow are by and large red, but can appear in yellow, orange, and white. I would regard that spider as a black widow for safety's sake.

What spider is black with green markings?

One type of spider that is black with green markings is the jumping spider, which is found in North America. They are half an inch in length and can jump very long distances.

White buoy with orange markings and black lettering What type of buoy?

White buoy's with orange markings and black lettering are a regulatory marker for boaters.

What type of spider is black with orange on its back?

The black spider with reddish-orange on its back is a redback spider. These Australian spiders are members of the same family of spider as the black widow and have highly dangerous venom.

What does a Mexican red Knee spider look like?

The Mexican Red Knee spider you are asking about is actually a Tarantula. It is a large robust tarantula that is black and gray with orange-red knee joints.

What kind of spider orange with black big belly?

The only spider that is orange with a black belly is callums mam and shes addicted to chicken seed

What kind of spider that is orange with black spot on belly?

A spider that is mostly black with some orange on its belly and back is called a black widow. This design only applies to the female black widows.

What kind of spider is mostly black with orange legs and orange edge around its body and is found in South Africa?

A black spider with orange legs is called a Spotted Ground Spider. There are 60 different species to this group of spiders.

Black spider orange smiley face?

it is called the happy face spider.

What spider in dumastexas has an orange back with black diamonds on it's back?

The Orb Weaver is the spider with an orange back and black diamonds on its back. It is not aggressive and not venomous.

What kind of spider has a round orange body with black and white striped legs?

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

What is the normal color of an airplane's black box?

Bright orange/red with yellow and black markings.

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