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There are several Spiders that are brown with a stripe on their back. The most common is the funnel web grass spider.

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Brown spider with yellow stripe on its head?

A brown spider with a yellow stripe on its head is a wolf spider. The wolf spider may sometimes have an orange stripe on their head also.

What is a small brown spider with a silver stripe on its back?

If you look on the back it mite have a small violin mark where the eyes are. If it does, the its a brown recluse spider do not touch!

Brown orange spider with black back and white stripe?

Where do you live? I have a spider with that description on my back porch, I'm feeding him fies :)

What kind of spider is light brown with a dark brown stripe on its back found early summer in the basement?

Not enough information to answer this question without knwing location of spider and season.

What kind of spider has a red stripe on its back?

A spider with a red stripe on its back is the redback spider, which is found in Australia. They have toxic venom that can cause a human to become very sick.

What kind of spider is brown with one yellow stripe on its back?

It is not a brown recluse. I had a spider on my front porch and i researched it and it is a type of wolf spider. But just in case... just leave it alone. If it is in fact a brown recluse or another poisonous spider it can have a nasty bite! Good luck!

What spider is brown and has dimples on its back?

Brown spider with three dimples on its back

Is it the male or female red back spider which is the more poisonous?

The female. The female is the only one with a red stripe on its back; the male is small, brown and very inconspicuous.

What kind of spider is brown with green reflective spots on back?

The spider is the brown spider that have reflective green spots on its back.

What spider is brown and has two humps on its back?

The answer is a brown camel spider.

What kind of spider is black with a red stripe on it's back and lives in Arizona?

A black spider that has a red stripe on the back is possibly a red spotted ant mimic spider. They walk on six legs instead of eight and can be found in Arizona.

What is a brown spider with white diamond on back?

A brown spider that has a white diamond on its back is known as a Parson spider. This spider does have a mildly venomous bite.

What kind of spider is brown with diamonds on its back?

Spider is light brown with gold or yellow diamond back

What kind of brown spider has white stripe and red on belly?

I found a spider like this in my home & would love to know what kind it is

What kind of spider is brown with a green back?

An Arrowhead spider is brown with a green back. This spider is also known as a Triangle Orb Weaver. This spider is not venomous.

What spider is brown with diamonds on back?

the brown widow is brown with diamonds on its back

What is a black spider with yellow stripe?

If it has more then one stripe then it is probably a banana spider.

What spider is green with red stripe?

It may be a Candy-stripe Spider (Enoplognatha ovata).

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