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Football ( Rugby ) was invented from soccer, when some kids picked the ball up and decided to run with it and it is named rugby because that was the name of the school (in england) where the kids did that

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Australian football league isnt a sport, its an organization. And im 99% sure soccer was "invented" before football

there both the same sport but the name football came firstAnswer'Soccer' or 'Association Football' is just one of a group of games known as football.

soccer is the first sport invented,because it was just simply kicking a ball.

We never really cared for soccer. So we invented our own football

Depends on which football you're referring to; if you mean gridiron the yes, that was invented in America, but if you meant football (soccer), then no, this was invented in England.

Football was invented in the early 1800's. Basketball was invented in 1891.

England was the first country to play soccer(football) because the sport was created there.

soccer, footballits soccersoccerFootball (soccer).soccer

First it would be football then biking and then soccer.

Yes, Soccer is a real sport why wouldn't it be, that is like saying that Football is not a real sport. Soccer has always been and always will be a sport. Soccer and Football are similar sports where there are lots of running after a ball involved. They are both listed as a Sport. Yes association football, or soccer, is a sport. it is the most popular sport in the world!

the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football

The sport itself was invented in China but modern day Association Football (where the term soccer originates from) was developed in England and Scotland

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

Football (soccer).Soccer is Germany's favorite sport or pastime.

The most popular sport in Myanmar is "football (soccer)".

football is the national sport. Football is another popular sport their. By football I think it is meaning soccer.

Whether you are referring to American Football or Association Football, the answer is no. Dr. James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891, the sport of American Football was introduced 2 years earlier in 1889, and Association Football (or soccer) came about approximately half a century before that.

soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

soccer because it is the most played sport in the world

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer) The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer)

Soccer is the most popular sport. In many countries, soccer is a highly recognized sport. In Spanish countries, the call it football, but it is pronounced fOOte bOWl.

Their favorite sport is football. (soccer)

his fave sport is football (soccer)