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The Germans started both wars.

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Q: What started the war World War 1 and two in Europe?
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What were the 2 biggest wars in history that started in Europe?

The two wars were the first and the second world wars.

When was World War II in 1914?

No world war 1 was started in 1914 . World war two started in 1939

Similarities between the Europe war and the war in Iraq?

There is no such thing as the Europe War. There were two main wars in Europe in the 19th Century: The First World War and the Second World War.

What greman invasion started world war 2?

The German invasion of Poland started World War Two.

World war two started in?


Who did the World War 2 started?

Adolf Hitler started world war two when crowned chancellor of germany and invaded country

How did war world two help us today?

world war two started because of hilter. hilter wanted to kill all Jewish people in Europe. this was called the holocaust. the allie and axles fought we were the allies and won. so how did world war two help us? it helped europes Jews have a regular

What were the two main theatre of war in World War 2?

Europe and The Pacific.

Who has started a World War 2?

Hitler, adolf Hitler started world war two you can Google him! hope this information helps! =]

When did world war 2 in Europe happen?

World War Two began on September 1. 1939. It ended in Europe on May 8, 1945.

Why World War 2 was considered a two front war?

The united states was at war on two fronts, Asia and europe

What were the German War Aims in World War Two?

German supremacy over Europe.