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Q: What state has the original nike factory in it?
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How can you find a Nike outlet store?

Nike outlet stores can be found via Nike's store locator available at their website. You can also try checking a local phone book for a location, or check Google Maps, as it has locations you can search through based on zip code or city and state.

How many Nike factories are there in Asia?

Most Nike factories are all around the world! But on a World Map they are very dense in Asia. However there is still the original factory in America.

What does 911012FT2 mean on my old original nike air Jordons?

It's a combination of the model number of the shoe, and the factory in which the shoe was produced.

Is there a Nike factory in Indonesia?

yes there is

How are Nike shoes manufactured?

They are made in a factory

What is the most common job for Chileans?

factory at nike

What are nike factory workers paid?

Minimum wage.

Did Nike made in Bangladesh is original?

Yes. Nike is now made in Bangladesh. Even Polo is made in Bangladesh.

How are Nike air force ones made?

Nike uses a variety of materials for different parts of the shoe, including leather, synthetic fabrics, rubber, and foam. High-quality materials are chosen to ensure comfort, durability, and style. You can also purchase Nike Air Force Ones at online shoe store such as WeeReplica.

Are Nike Lebron 11s Durable?

Yes, the original Nike Lebron 11s are durable.

How can you find an Original Mattress Factory location?

The Original Mattress Factory website includes a store locator for finding one of the company's over 100 stores. The store locator can be searched by state or zip code.

Where can one buy original Nike sweatpants?

The best way to get a pair of original Nike sweatpants is to buy them used. A person could purchase them by searching through eBay or Amazon. The Nike website offers sweatpants but they will be the latest fashions not the original ones.