What state in US does compares to Barbados?

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Compare state constitutions and US Constitution?

The US Constitution is the founding document of the country. Beforethat document was approved, however, state governments were madethrough state constitutions. The state constitutions only appliedto the states, however, while the US Constitution applies to thewhole nation. For an example, a state co ( Full Answer )

How does Barbados use their natural resources?

The island nation of Barbados has a few natural resources. Thecitizens of the nations use these to build their homes and survivealong with welcoming tourists.

How does the size of Vietnam compare to the size of a US state?

The country of Vietnam (which includes the North and South of 40 years ago) today is approximately a little smaller than the state of Montana (by about 20,000 square miles). However, terrain wise, having a long coastline, Vietnam (counting N & S together) would more resemble California or Florida.

Is Romania comparable in size to any US state?

Romania is 237.500 sqkm, and has 22760000 inhabitants. . That would mean the size of Texas (which is 266.807 sqkm) and the population of New York (which is 21230000 inhabitants). . Oops ... . Texas has an area of 696,200 sq. km., which makes it bigger than Ukraine and much bigger than Romania! T ( Full Answer )

Honduras land size is compared to a state in the US?

Honduras has an area of 43,278 sq miles - 112,492 km 2 That would put is ahead of . Virginia 35 42,769 square miles Tennessee 36 42,146 square miles Kentucky 37 40,411 square miles Indiana 38 36,420 square miles Maine 39 35,387 square miles South Carolina 40 32,007 square miles West Virgi ( Full Answer )

How does the size of Egypt compare to the size of a US state?

Egypt has an area of 387,048 square miles. The largest state, Alaska, has an area of 663,267. The second largest is Texas, which has an area of 268,581 So it is a little over half the size of Alaska and almost half-as-big-again as Texas.

How does Scotland rank in size compared to US states?

If Scotland was a US state, it would be the 41st largest state. (Itis closest in size to South Carolina). In actual size: Scotland: 78,387 km 2 or 30,414 sq mi America: 9,629,091 km 2 or 3,717,813 sq mi

How big is Turkey compared to US States?

very small Addition: Turkey is big country (its Asian part is huge). And it has frontiers with many countries. Turkey is far far BIGGER than many 'individual states' of USA.

What us state is France compared to?

France is roughly the same size as Texas if you include oversea territories. It is midway between California and Texas if you consider mainland France only.

What does barbados use for food?

Many things I will simply give some of the local dishes: 1. Cou Cou and flying fish - national dish Cou Cou - can be prepared numerous of ways most Barbadians make it with breadfruit 2. Conkies - a baked delicacy - cooked in banana leaves 3. Fish Cakes - flying fish in a special batter - frie ( Full Answer )

What US state compares in size to Lithuania?

Lithuania with an area of 25,174 sq. mi. is about the same size, although somewhat larger, than the US state of West Virginia with an area of 24,230 sq. mi.

How big is Bulgaria compared to a US state?

Which US State? Please specify. Bulgaria is 111,000 sq. kilometers. Thw questioner now can compare this terrioreal size of Bulgaria with any US state (providing having knowledgge of the sizes of the US States)

Can US dollars be used in Barbados?

I believe so. I would say that the US Dollar is the most welcome currency in the world. It is even more welcome than many native currencies. Update - Yes, it definitely can be used in Barbados. It is widely accepted and the currency rate is $1 US - $2 BDS

What is Japan's area compared to us states?

The area of the country of Japan is 145,898 miles2 (377,873 km²).The area of the United States is 3,794,100 miles2 (9,826,675 km²).This means that the U.S. is approximately 10 times larger thanJapan. To put it another way, Japan is about the same size as the US stateof Montana. It would rank 5 ( Full Answer )

What us state is comparable in size to brasil?

Brazil would be the sum of all 50 states plus DC minus 76% of Alaska, or 5% larger than continental US. 3,287,612 square miles for Brazil. 3,119,902 square miles for continental United States. 0,663,267 square miles for Alaska. 0,010,931 square miles for Hawaii. 3,794,100 square miles for US 50 stat ( Full Answer )

Does barbados have an extradition treaty with the us?

Bill Clinton signed an updated extradition treaty with Barbados in 1996, but there had been an extradition treaty since the 1930's between the U.S. and Britain, which covered Barbados.

How big is Syria compared to a US state?

Syria is closest in size to the state of Washington , which is 184,665 km2 (a difference of525 km2). The US is 9,826,675 km2. That means the US is about 53 times thesize of Syria. answer 2: Western power structure create all terrorist group like Al Qaeda,Taliban and now Takfiries and Isis and they ( Full Answer )

How many stamps for letter from US to Barbados?

The number of stamps which must be used to mail a letter from the US to Barbados varies based on the weight and size of the letter. An average letter will require 5 stamps to arrive at its destination based on 2013 postage rates.

Where can one compare airfares to Barbados?

There are a number of websites one can use to compare airfares to Barbados. One can compare prices on 'tripadvisor', 'skyscanner', 'Travel Supermarket' and 'Expedia'.

What US state does Ontario compare to in land area?

Alaska and Texas are the two largestU.S. states based on land area. Alaska has 570,640 square miles ofland area. Texas has 261,231 square miles of land area. Ontario,Canada has total land area of 354,342 square miles.