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In the book "Savvy" by Ingrid Law, Salina is located in the state of Kansas.

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Q: What state is Salina in in the book savvy?
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What is the climax of Savvy by Ingrid Law?

the climax is when Mibs gets to Salina and the hospital to her papa

Is the book Savvy a fiction book?

Yes, Savvy by Ingrid Law is a work of fiction.

In the book savvy what is fish's savvy?

Fish can create hurricanes.

Who is gypsy in the book savvy?

Gypsy is Mibs' younger sister. She is 3 years old in the book Savvy.

How do you use the word savvy in a sentence?

The book savvy is in the YRCA for 2011.

What is Fish's Savvy in the book Savvy?

Fish's savvy in the book "Savvy" is the ability to control water and manipulate its movements. He demonstrates this power through various feats, such as creating rainstorms and controlling water flow.

What town does Terence Newman come from?

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman was born in Salina, Kansas and attended Salina Central High School in Salina and Kansas State University.

How old was Rocket in the book Savvy?

In the book "Savvy" by Ingrid Law, Rocket is thirteen years old.

What college has a campus in Salina Kansas?

Four colleges have a campus in Salina: Brown Mackie, Kansas State University, Kansas Wesleyan University, and the newly formed Salina Area Technical College.

Is there a third book for savvy?

At the moment Ingrid Law is working on a 3rd book, so yes there will soon be another savvy dog.

What is the book two of Savvy?

I think "Scumble" is the second book. =]

Who are the main charters of the book savvy?

The main character of Savvy by Ingrid Law is Mibs Beaumont.