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What state is Singapore in?

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Singapore is an independent country. Its capital is Singapore.

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Why does Singapore hosts Singapore?

If you are asking why its 'Singapore,singapore', its because there is only one state in Singapore

What Are The State Names In Singapore?

There are no states in Singapore. The island country of Singapore is known as a sovereign city-state. Approximately 5.2 million people live in Singapore.

Which state or province in Singapore city in?

Singapore is a country by itself. As such it is not in another state or province.

What are the best cities in Singapore?

Singapore is the country, city and state. There are no other cities in Singapore.

What is the capital of Singapore?

Singapore's capital city is Singapore (the entire country is the city-state itself).The city of Singapore is the capital of the Republic of Singapore.

Capital of Singapore?

Singapore is a city state and country of its own. Singapore doesn't have a capital, but the correct term of the capital you find in a atlas would be "Capital of Singapore: Singapore, Singapore"

Is Singapore in Japan?

No, Singapore is not in Japan. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. It is considered to be a sovereign city-state and is called the Republic of Singapore.

Does Singapore have cities?

Singapore is a city, or a city state, to be more precise.

The capital city of the country of Singapore is Singapore True or False?

Singapore is a City State and Nation. The question is oxymoron.

If I mail to Singapore do you state Singapore Japan?

No. Singapore is an independent country since 1965. It is not a part of Japan. So if you want to mail to Singapore, just put Singapore and the address.

The capital city of Singapore?

Singapore is a sovereign city-state country. A city-state is a country that consists of a single city.

What state or province is Singapore City in?

Singapore is a country that is found in Southeast Asia. It is not a city and does not belong to a specific state or province.

What city in Singapore is zip 789735?

There is only 1 city in Singapore, and its Singapore. This is because Singapore is a city, as well as a state. To check exactly where in Singapore is 789735, go to googlemaps.com.sg and enter it.

Is Seoul a major city in Singapore?

Seoul, South Korea. Singapore is city state.

Is Singapore a country?

Yes.Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Is Singapore a country or state?

Singapore is not a state. It is a country. This is because to be considered a state, there are three requirements: To be a political unit, to have a government which controls the territory, and to be recognized by other states.

Ano ang capital ng Singapore?

Singapore is a sovereign city-state country. A city-state is a country that consists of a single city.

What is two letter alphabet code for singapore airlines and in which country they belongs to?

The airline code for Singapore Airlines is "SQ". Singapore is a city-state, so the country is also Singapore.

On which island is Singapore?

Singapore is an island city-state which can be divided furthers into many towns and districts

How do you make a sentence with the word city-state?

Monaco is a city-state, as is Singapore.

In which country is the city of singapor?

Singapore is a city/state...an island republic. It's capitol city is Singapore.

Was Singapore once a city-state in Malaysia?

because Singapore was known as Temasek which was then governored by Malasiya

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