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Q: What state is nearest to southwestern Arkansas?
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Is Oklahoma a southwestern state?

Oklahoma is not a southwestern state. It is considered to be a Midwestern state, along with Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, and Arkansas.

What salt lake is located in the southwestern us?

Carolyn was here from Arkansas.

Where is Southwestern located?

Southwestern is located in the state of Texas.

Where is Southwestern Oklahoma State University located?

Southwestern Oklahoma State University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

Where is the Sentimental Journey To Southwestern in Hope Arkansas located?

The address of the Sentimental Journey To Southwestern is: Po Box 2252, Hope, AR 71802-2252

When was Southwestern Oklahoma State University created?

Southwestern Oklahoma State University was created in 1901.

When was Georgia Southwestern State University created?

Georgia Southwestern State University was created in 1906.

Where is the nearest to Austin Arkansas?

Austin Teaxs

When is American Idol coming to Arkansas?

Apparently never. Arkansas apparently isn't good enough. There's plenty of talented people here. I would suggest going to the nearest state they do go to.

What is Arkansas' state shell?

Arkansas has no state shell.

What motorcycle clubs are in arkansas and their territtories?

Arkansas is a Bandito state

Which state is called the bear state?

Arkansas is known as the Bear State.