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Q: What stories can be fabricated and passed along by ususpected people?
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Why did people pass on stories from one generation to another?

people passed on stories from one generation to another to tell people what's right and what's wrong

How do people remember the Greek gods?

in myths passed down through generations, and still passed today as stories

Did aboriginal people have written language?

No, Aborigines did not have a written language. They passed down their stories by way of pictures and symbols in their artwork. They also passed on their information and stories orally, or through dances and coroborees.

What was it like before writing was invented?

people passed down the stories of generations before them through oral tradition

Is oral tradition important?

Oral Tradition is important because people didn't have written records people passed down stories from generation to generation

Who wrote Anansi fables?

It is not known who wrote the Anansi Fables. This compilation of stories is part of the folklore of the Ashanti people of Ghana. The stories have been passed down from one generation to another.

Why do people say werewolves are real?

its because people have passed down stories of werewolves. they have been said to be in stories of Greek mythology too. there is one story when Zeus, the Greek god, turned Lycaon into a wolf as a punishement for murdering a child. i guess there are some people who took an interest in them, or have told their children stories about werewolves.

From a time before written history?

Before history was written down people passed down their history by telling stories.

How does urban legends begin?

They start when people start little stories explaining or showing how something came to be or events that happened. Later the stories are passed around so much that they are believed to be true creating an urban legend.

Why are the same stories told different ways in different areas?

Because the first person that told the story passed it on to other people and the other people passed it on and maybe the same people that were told the story told it to their children and maybe forgot some of it, so made up some of the story.

How did most Indian tribes keep track of their history?

Well the Indians would tell stories to their kids and they get passed on then people would write them down and make them into books

What the difference between a legend and a fable?

Both of them are stories passed down from generation to generation. Legends are stories that may have actually happened, often based on a historical character. An example would be stories about King Arthur and his knights, although some people have also referred to them as fairy tales. Fables are stories with a moral lesson, usually involving animals. Aesop's Fables are arguably the most well-known fables.