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A tornado.

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Q: What storm moves quickly in a narrow path and has rotation winds up to 300 miles per hour that kick up a cloud of dirt and debris?
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What are some words related to tornado?

Words related to tornadoes include: funnel cloud, wall cloud, mesocyclone, supercell, hook echo, rotation, vortex, subvortex, vortex breakdown, updraft, downdraft, and debris.

What are condensation funnel cloud and debris cloud?

The condensation funnel of a tornado is basically a cloud formed when moisture inside a tornado condenses and in that sense it is similar to an ordinary cloud. The debris cloud of a tornado is a cloud of debris picked up by a tornado usually from buildings and trees the tornado has damaged or destroyed.

What does a tornado looks like when it is forming?

Visible signs of a possible tornado often start as rotation in the clouds of a severe thunderstorm, often with a lowered section of the cloud base called a wall cloud. As this happens a cloud of dust may appear near the ground as something called a rear-flank downdraft wraps around the rotation. Then a cone, funnel or elephant trunk shaped projection may lower itself from the cloud base. A cloud of dust and debris under this funnel cloud usually means that the tornado has touched down.

What is the name of the cloud of dust and broken materials that form at the bottom of a tornado?

This is referred to as the debris cloud.

What kind of weathering is a sign of tornadoes?

Signs of a potential tornado include rotation in the clouds, a persistent lowering of the cloud base, and a hole opening up in the clouds near the back of a storm (these are all potential precursors). Other signs include a funnel or con shaped extension of the cloud base, and swirling debris on the ground, indicating that a tornado or funnel cloud has formed.

Can the funnel cloud be seen when it contains dust or debris?

Yes, though in some cases the dust and debris can obscure the funnel.

Is the dark base of a tornado called the wall cloud?

No, the wall cloud is a lowered section of the cloud base from which a tornado or funnel cloud descends. The dark cloud at the base of a tornado is called the debris cloud.

What is a moving mass of icy cosmic debris which comets are originated?

Oort cloud

How much damage does the wall cloud do?

The wall cloud itself doesn't do the damage. The wall cloud is an indicator of rotation in a thunderstorm that can lead to the formation of a tornado.

What is the name of the cloud of dust and broken materials that forms at the bottom of a tornado?

It is usually just called a debris cloud or dust whirl.

Which of these is a narrow funnel of air extending down from a cumulonimbus cloud?


What happens to the rotation of a molecular cloud as it collapses to form a star?

The rotation rate increases and results in a disk of material around a protostar.