What study is done in pathological liars and their relationships?

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2007-05-11 07:11:47

I am not aware of any specific studies but I can tell you that

pathological liars suffer from antisocial personality disorder

(also called sociopathy). In relationships, these people are

draining and parasitic and should be avoided at all costs. They are

experts at charming even the smartest and most intuitive people. In

relationships, a sociopath sees a target --someone they can use and

exploit. Sadly everyone is a potential target to a sociopath

because we all have weaknessess and the sociopath is a master at

exploiting a person's weakness for their own personal gain. They

lie, lie, lie! I think many believe their own lies but its hard to

tell because a real sociopath probably won't admit to it. The net

is just brimming with information on this topic. One exceptionally

helpful site is It explains the disorder as well

as providing legal/personal advice on how to deal with such people.

The site also contains a forum in which victims of sociopaths may

share their personal experiences and offer guidance and support to

one another. Of course the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual)

is the official source of information for any pathology and should

be consulted for a deeper understanding of the pathological liar

and his/her interactions with others.

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