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Q: What style of painting was Georges Seurat famous for?
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What do you know about Georges-Pierre-Seurat?

He was a famous French painter. His style of painting was impressionism.

What style of paintings did Georges Seurat paint?

Seurat's painting style is usually called Pointillism.

How is Georges Seurat style of painting different from van Gogh's?

Van Gogh used shrt brush strokes, Seurat little dots.

Why did Pointillists painted Pointillism paintings?

Pointillism is an Impressionist style of painting so those painters would be called Pointillists. Georges Seurat is a famous Pointillist.

Georges Seurat created paintings using tiny dots what is this style of painting called?

It is usually called Pointillism.

What style is Georges Seurat's drawing?

His drawings are mostly preparations for paintings. His painting style is Pointillism or Divisionism, also called neo-impressionism or luminism.

What style is Georges Seurat's drawing in Cafรฉ Concert?


Why is Georges Seurat considered an impressionist?

He is NOT. His style is usually called Pointillism, but sometimes Neo-Impressionism.

Who came up with the painting or drawing style called pointillism?

George Seurat did.

What artist invented the style called Pointillism?

Pointillism (or divisionism or luminism) was invented by Georges Seurat in the 1880s in Paris. Georges Seurat studied the color theories of physicists like Michel-Eugene Chevreul, Edouard Rood and a few others.

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque created which style of painting?


Which artist developed a style called Pointillism His paintings were composed of thousands of dots of colours?

Georges-Pierre Seurat was one of the fathers of Pointillism.

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