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Q: What subatomic particles represented the plums?
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What is the charge on a subatomic particles represented in figure 4-3?

what is the charge on the subatomic particles represented in figure 4-3? assuming all the particles in the nucleus are visible,

What of these subatomic particles are represented by atomic number?

This particle is the proton.

What is the smallest part of a comet?

The subatomic particles, I guess.The subatomic particles, I guess.The subatomic particles, I guess.The subatomic particles, I guess.

What are the Subatomic particles with no charges?

Subatomic particles with no charges are neutrons

What are the subatomic particles with no mass called?

All subatomic particles have mass.

What is in between subatomic particles?

Subatomic particles are: neutron, proton, electron.

Are photos made of subatomic particles?

Everything is made of subatomic particles.

What is A particle not made up of other particles?

subatomic particleIn physics or chemistry, subatomic particles are the small particles composing nucleons and atoms. There are two types of subatomic particles: elementary particles, which are not made of other particles, and composite particles.

Subatomic particles bigger than molecles?

subatomic particles make up the molecule

Are subatomic particles found inside atoms?

Yes, atoms contain subatomic particles.

What are molecules and their subatomic particles?

Molecules contain atoms and these atoms contain subatomic particles.

How you find subatomic particles for ions and isotopes?

Subatomic particles are protons, neutrons and electrons.