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Monet loved to paint the outdoors and everything outside. It was the way Eugene Boudin taught him to paint.


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he liked painting nature especially water lillies

Anything that shows how daylight changes.

Monet was a founding father of the painting style Impressionism.

Claude Monet expressed himself through painting. Painting was his passion.

The painting Impression, Sunrise made Monet famous for being an impressionist.

by painting so many paintings like mate

I'm assuming you meant Claude Monet. Claude was famous for his paintings of water subjects. A few of his famous ones include his waterlilies and his Japanese footbridge in his garden at Giverny.

Claude Monet got into painting because he liked how the nature was, so he started to painting different pictures in the future.

The style of painting popularized by Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir was impressionism.

Everything. The fact is that Claude Monet's father wanted him to go into the family grocery business, but Monet wanted to become an artist. So, may be painting is his life since then.

He encouraged Claude Monet to start painting outdoors.

Monet paintings usually cost more.

His painting style was Impressionism. That is not abstract painting.

Monet's last painting was the Water Lilies. He finished painting it in 1926.

The subjects of Claude Monet was an impressionist. His subjects ranged from cliffs near water, and bridges. The people were painted with short thick strokes of paint. This allowed the essences of the subjects to be captured rather than details.

he was 7 and a half years old when he started painting

In this painting Monet uses isolation as the focal point. Notice the human figure in the middle of the painting? Your attention is drawn to it because it is the only person in the painting.

He was the founder of the impressionist painting.

No, he did not. Look at a Modigliani painting! Look at a Monet painting! You can see they are not similar.

Claude Monet.Monet by his painting "impression, soleil levant" gave its name to the painting movement "impressionism".Link goes to his Wikipedia article.

Talking about painting: Monet was.

The painting that gave the movement its name was 'Impression, Sunrise' by Claude Monet, 1872. But as early as 1869 certain paintings by Monet and Renoir showed impressionistic tendemcies.

Renoir. A painting of Camile Monet, wife of Claude Monet

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