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Dermatology is a specialty field of medicine; as such, in the United States from where I am answering this question (and in most other places, too), one first completes Medical School then an internship, and then may be admitted to a Certified Dermatology residency training program for 2-4 years. Other individuals dealing regularly with the study of Dermatology might be researchers in microbiology, virology, or immunology studying specific disease entities in that field, but they would not be clinicians (i.e. see and treat patients). Certain Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners with a specialty in Derm. might see patients and assist Dermatologists in their practice too. People interested in studying dermatology ought to contact dermatologists living and working near them, arrange an interview, and start asking some pertinent questions.....especially "What is good and what is bad about Dermatology?"

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Q: What subjects do you need in order to study dermatology?
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