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Different options for after high school should be taught in high school before a student makes a decision. I remember that in my high school we were taught only about how to apply to college and pay for college, but once in college I learned that sometimes traditional college is not for everyone. High schools should teach students that trade schools, or even taking a break and traveling, or working is the right thing to do. Most students don't know what they want or who they are, so how does society expect them to go straight into college after high school? Going into a major you're not sure of can create many problems, like ending up in a career you hate, or changing your major and extending your college career, therefor increasing your college expanses. Student should be taught about all options, regardless of what is usually expected, and they should be taught that each choice is as good as the next.


The question is about subjects, not about attitudes to tertiary education. If schools could teach kids to read, write and master basic mathematics, they would be doing very well indeed. These subjects are the key to all others.

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Q: What subjects should or should not be taught in school why or why not?
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