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Q: What subjects was traditional assessment method used most in school?
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What is a non traditional method to manage a toddler at school for a teacher?

corporal punishment

School subjects in 1950s?

In the 1950s, common school subjects included math, science, history, English, geography, foreign languages, and physical education. Additionally, students often studied home economics, industrial arts, and subjects related to the arts. The curriculum was typically more traditional and focused on core academic subjects.

What has the author R J Tasker written?

R. J. Tasker has written: 'The development of an environmental assessment method for existing primary school buildings'

What research method asks subjects to respond to a series of items on a questionnaire or in an interview?

The research method you are referring to is called a survey. Surveys are used to collect data by asking subjects to respond to a series of items either on a questionnaire or in an interview.

What has the author Glenn Henry Marin written?

Glenn Henry Marin has written: 'A comparison between an experimental method and a traditional method of vocabulary development at the high-school level'

What subjects did Queen Victoria learn at school?

as usual subjects

What are Chris Brown's favorite school subjects?

Chris Brown favorite subjects in school are science and math.

Is spelling good for learning math and other subjects in school?

other subjects in school dumbo

Summary of Albert einstein at school?

Albert Einstein was not a traditional student and struggled in school due to his rebellious nature and dislike for rote memorization. He excelled in subjects that interested him, such as mathematics and physics, but had difficulty with other subjects. Einstein's unorthodox approach to learning ultimately led to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics.

What are the subjects in high school?


What are practical subjects in school?

Technical subjects in school might be computer programming, keyboarding, welding, mechanics, and construction. These subjects teach a marketable skill in each course.

What are Harrow high school year 10 subjects?

what are the year 10 subjects for harrow high school? pls answer my question!