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Water is the only molecular compound.

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Q: What substance is a compound steel water gold or air?
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Which one of the following substances is a compound milk soil gold or water?

Water is one substance that is compound. It contains two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, which makes it a compound substance.

What is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances?

A substance that cannot be broken down is a pure substance

What makes a substance a pure substance?

A pure substance is one that comprises either just one element or just one compound with nothing else mixed in. Thus:-Distilled water is a pure substance,Salt water is a mixture,24 carat gold is a pure substance,White gold is a mixture.

Are steel water oxygen gold mixture?

You mean Is Steel, Water, Oxygen, and gold which one is a component well. The only that is a mixture is water.

Which is not a compound gold water or sugar?

Gold is an element.

Water is compound but gold is element?

Water is a compound because it is composed of : hydrogen and oxygen. Each of these elements loses its original properties to form a compound. Gold is an element because it is 100 % gold and found in that form.

What do you mix to get gold?

Gold is an element. It can be mixed with other elements to form compounds, but gold itself is a pure substance, not a mixture or a compound of elements.

Can you tell whether a substance is an element or compound based on physical appearance?

You can't if you think about. A gold bar is gold (an element) and they can be very large.

what is a better example of a compound gold iodine sand or water?


Is water is a pure substance?

yes,water, sugar, gold, ect are all pure substances

Why is oxygen a compound but not a molecule?

Oxygen is a molecule because it is an element. Just like hydrogen, gold, Mercury, and argon. A compound is a combination of two elements that form to make a single substance such as water, which is H20. It has 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Compound means combination of 2 different things.

Is gold an element compound or solution?

Gold is an element. It cannot be broken down into any simpler substance, and can be found in the periodic table with the symbol of Au. number 79.