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carbon dioxide that carries out from the air and water from the soil are the two main ingredients that a plant leaf requires during photosynthesis.

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What must enter a plant's leaves in order to complete photosynthesis?

A plants leaves are used to catch photons (sunrays) from the sun, carbon dioxide, and water. Those are the three basic ingredients needed for a plant to complete photosynthesis.

What are the two substances used in photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide and water are used in photosynthesis. Sunlight is also used.

Where is chlorophyll located and what is it used for?

They are in chloroplasts. They are used for photosynthesis

What are substances used by plants in photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide and water.

What substances are used in photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight

Part of the plant that is primaly used for photosynthesis?

The green pigment, chlorophyll, in the leaves of the plant are generally used for photosynthesis.

Where is energy used in photosynthesis?

It's used in the stem, roots, and leaves.

Why do leaves have tiny holes in them?

Tiny Holes are called 'stomata' or 'pore'. This is so Carbon Dioxide and oxygen can enter the plant. This is used to make Photosynthesis and Respiration!

What two substances are taken in by the plant and used for photosynthesis?

sunlight and carbondioxide

What two substances are taking in by the plant and used for photosynthesis?

Oxygen and sunlight.

How are leaves used in photosynthesis?

the green colour to trap sunlight.

What part of a plant collects the sunlight that is used for photosynthesis?

The leaves

What two substances are given off during respiration and used again during photosynthesis?

the two substances that are given of during respiration and is use in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide and water.

In which part of the plant is photosynthesis used and how is it used?

Photosynthesis occurs primarily in the leaves of a plant, in a tissue called mesophyll. The cells in the mesophyll contain chloroplasts, which is where photosynthesis occurs.

What substance enters the leaves used for photosynthesis?

chlorophyl im a PhD

How is water used in photosynthesis?

Unfortunately water is not used in photosynthesis, I imagine you are trying to say How is light used in photosynthesis? Well the answer to this is that chloroplasts inside the plant's leaves absorb the light and create plant food out of it.

Two substances are given off during respiration and used during photosynthesis?

They are CO2 and ATP. These are utilized in dark cycle of photosynthesis

Which substances is used to remove chlorophyll from a green leaf during photosynthesis?

alcohol is used to remove chlorophyll

What is a leaf used for in a flower?

A flower is part of a plant, which has leaves. Leaves provide the plant with energy through photosynthesis.

What does leaves do for a plant?

it contain chloropyll which help to trap sunlight that are used for photosynthesis

What is the role of chlorophyll in a plants leaves?

It captures the energy from sunlight that is used in photosynthesis.

What part of a leaf does light strike for photosynthesis to begin?

Leaves are the part of the plant specifically designed for photosynthesis. As such, as much of the surface of the leaf as possible is used for photosynthesis.

Why are leaves so important to plants?

The leaves point in the direction of the sun and gather light to change into energy used for photosynthesis.

Why don't mushrooms have green leaves?

Plants have green leaves because they contain chlorophyll, which is used to perform photosynthesis. Mushrooms are not plants, they are fungi, and do not perform photosynthesis -- they gain their energy from decomposing matter instead -- so they do not need green leaves.

What chemical substances are used during the manufacture of organic molecules in photosynthesis?

Hydrogen, ATP and CO2

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