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well any really i have a above ground pool and a under ground pool and a inside pool any thing works really

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Q: What sunscreen is safe for your above ground pool?
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Is ice on top of above ground swimming pool safe?

Absolutely not! It is not safe to walk on, make snow cones with, or skate on.

Can you use a salt water system for an above ground pool?

We have been told it is safe and much more cost effective to put in a salt system for our above ground pool. I would like to be very sure before I invest.

Do you need to turn off the pump in an above ground pool when kids are swimming?

If the pool is properly grounded and bonded, with ground fault interupt circuit, it is safe. I would not run if a thunder storm is approaching. Of course, they should not be in the pool during a thunderstorm at any rate.

Is iron out safe for an above ground pool?

Yes, it is ok to use iron out in a pool for "cleaning only". If you intend to swim in the pool iron out can cause skin and eye irritations and poisoning if swallowed. The makers of Iron Out said it is not recommended for swimming pools.

Is muriatic acid safe for an above ground pool?

Yes, but be careful and use a little at a time. Test a day after application, using a fresh OTO tester. Hatawa

Is it safe to drain a pool in the summer?

as long as you have not had a bunch of rain and the soil is saturated. if it is you will have a pool that is not in the ground becasue the weight of the water is holding the pool in place. Yes it is safe.

What is the safest above-ground pool cover?

No above ground pool cover is safe for little ones as adults can be in a rush and forget to "buckle down the hatches." Usually the covers that fit over the sides and are clipped down are the best. However, a fence around the above pool is even better. Marcy A swimming pool safety cover is latched down over the pool. Have atleast 3 barriers where anyone needs to get through to get to the pool. Door alarm Fence Alarm on the fence Safety cover

I have a pebble pool I would like to empty it is it safe to do that?

You have to be careful about emptying any in-ground pool. Normally they have a hydrostatic valve in the deepest part of the pool in case there is ground water built up around the outside of the pool. If there is the valve will allow ground water into the pool. if there isn't there is a good chance that the pool will start to float in the ground water. In effect the only thing you have to worry about is that there is no water under the pool if there is you will need to find a way of getting rid of it before emptying the pool.

Is liquid muriatic acid safe for above ground pools?


Can an above-ground outside wall be fixed if it has a very large buckle in it?

Its not worth the risk, the wall strength has been destroyed, I would not trust it, if you get too much activity in the pool, it is safe too say the side will bust out, and what and whoever is in the pool is coming out with the water.

How to Maintain an Above Ground Pool?

Above ground pools have a bad reputation. People say that they are hard to keep clean and costly to repair and maintain. The truth is that any pool can be costly to maintain. The trick to minimizing cost and hard labor is preventative maintenance. Keeping a pool clean is much easier than trying to navigate the murky waters of dirt and algae. Once the pool water turns green, it’s a long road getting it back to crystal clear. Above ground pool maintenance is a lot like chemistry. In fact, much of it is chemistry. Finding the right balance of algaecide and chlorine can be difficult for the novice. Read all chemical packaging carefully and only use enough product to treat the size of the above ground pool. Check warnings on pool shock package labels to make sure the product is safe to use on vinyl pool liners. Chemicals designed for concrete or fiberglass pools might damage and above ground pool line. This will result in headaches, heartaches and financial burdens down the road. Replacing an above ground pool liner is difficult and expensive. If chemistry is not your best subject, consider instead a relatively new device for above groun d pools. It’s called a salt water chlorinator, and it works in tandem with the pool filter to generate chlorine as the pool needs it. Simply add pool salt to the water and mix it in while running the pool filter. The salt water chlorinator will use the salt in the water to make chlorine. It’s a foolproof way to avoid over-chlorinating the above ground pool. Salt water chlorinators are relatively inexpensive, and they require very little salt per swimming season to maintain a healthy pool water balance. Once the pool water is correctly chlorinated, a simple routine of skimming, vacuuming and keeping the filter clean will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your above ground pool. Skim leaves and bugs from the water’s surface every time you use the pool. This prevents debris from settling on the bottom, which results in a shorter time spent vacuuming. Above ground pools maintenance is no different from housecleaning or automobile upkeep. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

When is it safe to drain an inground pool?

When draining an in ground pool you must always be sure that groundwater surrounding the pool is not high enough to cause the pool to start to float. Even a concrete pool Will float if the groundwater under it is too high. Many pools are fitted with a hydrostatic valve in the deepest part of the pool to allow ground water into the pool if the water pressure on the outside of the pool gets too high.

Is it safe to lay in sun with no sunscreen?

It depends on how strong the sun is and if you have sensitive skin, I suggest that You were it to be safe.

Are hanging bird baths safe?

Hanging bird baths are safe for birds. Birds like to be above ground as they feel safe and can see all their surroundings.

Is it safe to go to the beach if you have a yeast infection?

well i dont think that would be safe. for protection from the yeast put some sp40 sunscreen. but preferablly spray on sunscreen so it can effect the whole area

Does a swimming pool contractor have to be certified?

Yes, absolutely. Swimming pools involve construction and plumbing which have to be done correctly for the pool to function and be safe. It is not as simple as diging a hole in the ground so it is important to only work with certified pool contractors.

What is a good science fair project name about sunscreen?

Practice safe sun.

Why is it not safe to swim in a pool during a storm?

its not safe because if lightning strikes the pool then you will get electrocuted and die

What is the potential energy of a 20 kg safe sitting on a shelf 05 meters above the ground?

19.6 j

What is the potential energy of a 20-kg safe sitting on a shelf 0.5 meters above the ground?

98 J

What order should chemicals be added to a new above ground pool?

you can add them in any order but DO NOT mix the chemicals they can cause fires the best bet is to test the water see what you need and add it to the pool one at a time then retest you may have to add chemicals several times in the first week or two until you get enough of a build up to sustain a clear safe pool. good luck

Tanning bed safe tattoo?

There really is no tanning bed safe tattoo. To prevent your tattoo from fading, put sunscreen on it generously.

Is it safe to use sunscreen on dogs that sunburn?

Do not put or give normal "human" sunscreen or any other type of drug to your dog or any other pet, always ask your vet before. You can also check with your vet to find out if there is a special sunscreen for your pet.

How do you winterize above ground pool that has a main drain?

Buy some RV antifreeze (the kind that is safe for pets) and pour enough into the drain to ensure the piping is full back to the main body of water. You may have to mix the antifreeze 50-50 with water.

How do you know if the sunscreen you are using is effective and safe?

you can check for the SPF rating the higher it is the higher is effective.