What supports the ovaries?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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a. tunica albuginea c. ovarian ligament

b. suspensory ligament d. None of these

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Q: What supports the ovaries?
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What is polycystic ovaries bilateral?

Bilateral means on both ovaries. That is there are cysts in both ovaries.

What are the produce in the ovaries?

Ovaries produce eggs.

Which function is performed by the ovaries but not by the testes?

The function that is performed by the ovaries and not the testes is the ovaries produce eggs. Both testes and ovaries produce hormones.

What are the main reasons a woman must have her ovaries removed?

A woman would have to have her ovaries removed if there was an infection in her ovaries. An infection in a woman's ovaries can be serious and life threatening. it would be safer to just remove the ovaries.

Does the ovaries control your puberty?

yes, because ovaries help to produce esteragen and your ovaries are the reason why you have periods.

What happens to ovaries at puberty?

The ovaries become fertile. The eggs which the ovaries produce are capable of forming a zygote .

In which female organ are eggs produced?

The ovaries.

What is the source of female sex steroids?

The ovaries do.

Can you have a period without ovaries?

Can you have your period without you ovaries?

What is the function of the ovaries in a frog?

The function of the ovaries in a frog is to produce eggs. They have the same role as the ovaries in other animals.The function of a frog's ovaries are the same as any other animal. The frogs ovaries produce eggs which if fertilized will turn into babies.The ovaries in a frog are used to reproduce

Where are egg cells found on a women?

A woman's ovaries release the egg,

What is the structure that surrounds ovaries?

The mesoterium is the structure that surrounds the ovaries.