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The kidney is surrounded by fat to protect the kidney from damage.

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What is the importance of the perirenal fat capsule that surrounds the kidney?

It holds the kidney in place and provides protection.

What purpose does kidney fat serve?

The fat the surrounds the kidney has a very importance purpose. It protects the kidney from damage and harm such as punctures.

Membrane around outer surface of kidney?

The renal capsule is an inner fibrous membrane that surrounds the kidney and prevents infections from entering the kidney.

What helps protect the kidneys?

Ribs. Its actually The Perirenal Capsule. Its tissue that surrounds the kidney it helps protect and insulate the kidney.

What is a fat surrounding kidney called?

Perinephric (perirenal) fat completely surrounds the kidneys.

What is a function of the fat that surrounds the kidneys in life?

Fat surrounds the kidneys to help protect and insulate them. For example, if you were to get punched in the kidney and didn't have the fat there, then you would injure them worse than if the fat was there.

What is the function of the renal capsule?

The renal capsule surrounds the kidney. It is a tough and fibrous membrane. Its main purpose is protecting the kidney from trauma and damage that could be sustained from injury and various other activities.

Tough outer lining that encases the kidney?

The renal capsule surrounds the kidneys. It is made of a tough connective tissue that also helps to protect them.

What is the function of the fat that surrounds the kidney?

It's a fat pad to essentially protect the kidney from harm and damage, seeing as the kidney is not fully protected by the rib cage. -Josef Valotirov, MD The fat deposits (perirenal fat capsules) and the fibrous renal fascia surround the kidneys and hold them in a retroperitoneal position.

What is the function of the peritubular capillary network?

This capillary network surrounds the tubules and plays an important role in secretion and reabsorption, plus it delivers oxygen to kidney cells.

Can benign kidney tumors turn cancerous if left untreated?

The tumor is confined to the kidney, but does not involve the capsule of tissue that surrounds the kidney. The tumor extends through the capsule of the kidney. The tumor shows evidence of lymph node involvement, or extends into the renal vein (the main blood vessel that carries blood from the kidney) or inferior vena cava (the large vein that drains blood back to the heart). The tumor has invaded organs adjacent to the kidney like the pancreas or bowel, or shows evidence of distant spread to organs such as the lungs.

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