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The second

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Q: What syllables is stressed in important?
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Why stressed syllables are different from unstressed syllables?

Stressed syllables are emphasized more in speech than unstressed syllables.

How many stressed syllables are in Dactylic trimeter?

...Iamb (Iambic)Unstressed + Stressed.........Two Syllables...Trochee (Trochaic)Stressed + Unstressed.........Two Syllables...Spondee (Spondaic)Stressed + Stressed.........Two Syllables...Anapest (Anapestic)Unstressed + Unstressed + Stressed.........Three Syllables...Dactyl (DactylicStressed + Unstressed + Unstressed.........Three Syllables

How many stressed syllables are in He came upon an age?

There are three stressed syllables.

What is it called when you use two stressed syllables followed by one stressed?

That would be three stressed syllables, a molossus.

How many syllables in belief and which is stressed?

Belief has two syllables, and the second is stressed: be-LIEF.

What does it mean when a syllable is stressed?

When a syllable is stressed that syllable is emphasized in the word. Syllables are important to understanding how to pronounce words in the English language.

What type of verse is ten syllables long and alternates stressed and unstressed syllables?

Iambic pentameter is ten syllables long and alternates stressed and unstressed syllables.

Which syllable is stressed in address?

Both syllables in address are stressed.........

What is the stressed syllable in camera?

The first syllable of camera is stressed. No other syllables are stressed.

Which syllables in evaluate are stressed?

The second.

How many syllables are in stressed?


What are the syllables stressed in traffic?

The first.

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