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What symbolizes belief?

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angel halo, a lighthouse,


Dress code (like wearing a robe; what you may cover your head with, types of necklaces, armbands);

How you talk and what you say;

What you eat and drink (like halaal, kosher, veg);

The rituals you perform (like eg. for praying, for death, for births, for coming of age and for certain events);

And your name!

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What animal symbolizes belief?


What does the Mayan embracing couple sculpture symbolize?

It symbolizes the Mayan belief of dual powers.

What Jewish belief does the everlasting light symbolize?

The Ner Tamid (נר תמיד) symbolizes God's eternal presence.

Is the Sign of the Cross wrong?

The signing of the cross symbolizes one's belief in the trinity theory that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one. If you believe this non- Biblical teaching, then signing of the cross is one way you could demonstrate your support of this belief.

Does a rainbow represent happiness?

Rainbows do symbolize happiness to some people. For other people's belief, it also symbolizes God's promise to not flood the earth again.

What are the major beliefs of Zoroastrianism?

Belief in Supreme and Universal God. Ahura Mazda is the supreme, omniscient and omnipotent God, who symbolizes truth, radiance, purity, order, justice, courage, strength and patience. He is the creator as well as sustain er.He also protects the good from the evil and maintains order by keeping the chaotic evil at bay.Belief in the duality of existence.Belief in the divinity of creation.Belief in the spiritual nature of the world and human beings.Belief in polytheism.Belief in the basic goodness of the humanity.Belief in the sanctity of the elements.Belief in the tradition of prophets.Belief in afterlife.Belief in sin and expiation of sin.Belief in the Judgment day.Belief in the efficacy of sacrificial rituals.Belief in the efficacy of sacred chants.Belief in the importance of righteousness

What is the symbolism of a trinity knot tattoo?

it symbolizes one's belief in the trinity-father,son,holy spirit-three-in-one. OR...the maiden,mother, and crone, or pagan religions.

What is the symbolic meaning of a rams skull?

Answers may very, but some believe that the skull of the ram symbolizes strength, virtility, protection, energy, and drive. This too is my belief.

How do you say symbolizes in spanish?

symbolizes= simboliza

Which animal symbolizes jealousy?

the monkey symbolizes jealousy

What animal symbolizes patience?

The crane symbolizes patience.

Why does eastern bunny symbolizes Easter?

symbolizes spring

What color symbolizes commitment?

Blue is a color that symbolizes commitment.

What does color blue symbolizes?

blue symbolizes strength and harmony

Is symbolizes spelled like this?

Yes symbolizes is spelled correctly.

What does a chicken symbolize?

A chicken symbolizes symbolizes pride and fertility.

What type of bird symbolizes Valentine's Day?

The lovebird and the dove.Usually a dove symbolizes Valentine's Day as it symbolizes love.

What does the monkey symbolize?

the monkey symbolizes agility. the monkey symbolizes agility.

What does tulip symbolizes?

A tulip symbolizes "marriage" and its message is "eternal love".

What is the bird that symbolizes wisdom?

A wise old owl symbolizes wisdom.

What tattoo design symbolizes grace?

the crane and the heron symbolizes grace.

In Lord of the Flies what does Simon symbolizes?

Simon symbolizes Jesus Christ.

What tree symbolizes Life?

The Banyan tree symbolizes eternal life.

What does delta H symbolizes?

Delta H symbolizes the change in Enthalpy.

What flower symbolizes quiet or silence?

A white rose symbolizes silence.