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What symbolizes freedom?

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bald eagle, obviously!

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What tattoo symbolizes freedom?

a bird

What flower symbolizes freedom?


What animal symbolizes freedom?


What is the action that symbolizes freedom?

The action representing freedom would be a flight.

What is the symbolism of the US flag?

The US flag symbolizes freedom and liberty that US citizens have. The US flag symbolizes freedom and liberty that US citizens have.

What does a canary symbolize?

Canary symbolizes joy, freedom and intellectual development. A flying canary symbolizes freedom or gossip and a caged canary means entrapment.

Sparrow with olive branch tattoo?

A tattoo that includes a sparrow with an olive branch symbolizes freedom, and peace. An olive branch symbolizes peace, and the sparrow freedom.

What bird symbolizes freedom or a free spirit?

An Eagle .

What animal symbolizes gaining freedom?

White pigeon?

Does a bird symbolize freedom?

not just any bird ... dove symbolizes peace, Eagle for freedom

What are symbolism of a story?

In a book, the U.S. flag may meen freedom. The flag symbolizes freedom.

What does the eagle symbolizes?

Solitude and the freedom and clarity of mind that accompany it.

What does Lady Justice symbolize?

Lady Justice symbolizes freedom.

What does Statue of Liberty symbolize?

Statue of liberty symbolizes liberty and freedom.

What is a literary symbol in the Huckeberry Finn?

The river symbolizes a quest for freedom.

What do the colors on the Libyan flag represent?

it symbolizes wealth leadership and freedom

What does the sun on the Uruguay flag mean?

It means or symbolizes freedom and independence.

What does the Polish crest symbolize?

The Polish crest symbolizes freedom and peace.

What does an eagle symbolize for Americans?

The Eagle represents symbolizes Freedom in America

What is a gift from France that symbolizes freedom throughout the world?

The Statue of Liberty

Why does the statue of liberty have chain on her feet?

There is a broken shackle that symbolizes freedom

What tattoo design symbolizes sexual freedom?

Click on the link to your right for symbols.

What is a barbed wired candle?

It is a candle in barbed wire that symbolizes hope and freedom.

What does the sign of the dragonfly symbolize?

It symbolizes freedom or good luck for some people.

What does the Polish coat of arms mean?

The coat of arms symbolizes freedom and peace.