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What symbols represent fathers?

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Fathers offer a solid presence in the structure of a family. Symbols that can represent their roles are the number one, male lions, seahorses, and teachers.

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What symbols represent gay people?

Common symbols adopted by the LGBT community include:The rainbowThe pink triangleThe Greek letter LambdaThe Sea horse (symbol of gay fathers)See LGBT symbols for more detail.

A group of symbols that represent a compound?

A group of symbols that represent a compound is a Coefficent

What symbols represent America?

There are no overall symbols that represent America. Though each country has their own national symbols.

What does the symbols of the Pennsylvania flag represent?

THE SYMbols in the flag represent the U.S.A.. wealth and trade

What do the symbols represent on the state seal in Connecticut?

what does the symbols in the state seal represent in connecticut

What do chemicals symbols and formulas represent?

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements and chemical formulas represent chemical compounds.

What does chemical symbols and formulas represent respectively?

Chemical symbols represent a chemical element.Chemical formulas represent compounds.

Chemical symbols are a shorthand way to represent what?

Chemical symbols represent a chemical substance or element

What do the colors and symbols on the flag represent?

the colors most likely represent the symbols of the state or country

What symbols represent strength?

Many symbols represent strength including a backbone, lion, and finally a running horse.

What are conventional symbols?

Conventional Symbols are symbols that are used on maps to represent different features.

What do the symbols on the federal parliament's badge represent?

They represent royalthy

What did the symbols in the cuneiform system represent?

They represent syllables or words.

Why you use line symbols to represent river and area symbols to represent ocean?

Rivers are (comparatively) narrow, oceans are wide.

Symbols of bar mitzvah?

There are no symbols that specifically represent a bar mitzvah.

What are the symbols of the Bar Mitzvah?

There are no symbols that specifically represent a bar mitzvah.

What is chemical symbols used for?

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.

How do symbols represent elements?

A Monkey

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What symbols represent rohatsu?


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What do Zeus symbols represent?


What do the symbols represent on the flag of mexico?

the symboles represent good luck

What is used to represent an element?

Chemical Symbols are used to represent elements

Why are symbols used to represent elements?

Answer : Symbols are used to represent elements, because it helps you recognize what the elements are just by seeing the symbol.