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Your nervous system controls how your muscles move your bones. Nerves carry electrical signals from your brain and spinal cord to your muscles. Without nerves you would never move a muscle.

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Is it true that the nervous system controls how your muscles move your bones?


What are the bones that move muscles called?

Bones do not move muscles. It is the muscles that move the bones.

Does your skeletal system allows you to move your bones?

It is the muscles that allow certain bones to move.

What system is made up of muscles that move your bones?

Muscular system

Why do your muscles move your bones?

No. you move your bones but your muscles do move like pully's to move other muscles.

How do muscles move your bones?

muscles move your bones by flexing or expanding.

How do humans move?

Humans move when the brain sends a message through the nervous system to the muscles. The muscles are attached to ligaments which are attached to the bones in the body. Muscles contract and relax in order to move the bones.

What are the parts of the musculoskeletal system?

The parts of this system involve the bones and the muscles that move them.

What is to the bones to move them?

Muscles move bones.

What system does the body use to move bones?

Muscles and tendons move bones at the joints. You can not actually "move bones" on your own, rather you can only contract and relax certain muscles and tendons specifically told to listen to you.

Conclusion of muscular system?

The muscular system are groups and networks of muscles attached to the bones throughout the body. These muscles make it possible for the bones in the body to move.

What is the functional relationship of the skeletal system to the nervous system?

The nervous system activates muscles which move the bones in the skeletal system to which the muscles are attached.

Can bones move on their own?

No. Muscles have to move bones.

How do the bones in the joint move?

Bones move as muscles push and pull on them. The muscles are attached to bones by tendons. As the muscle pulls the tendons, the bones then move.

Muscles that move bones are called?

Muscles that move bones are called Smooth muscle cells or Skeletal muscles

Is there any bones in muscles?

No because muscles move bones and are attached to bones.

Which organ system moves the body?

Both the bones and muscles move the body.

Muscles that move bones is?

The muscles that primarily move bones are the skeletal muscles, such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, abdominals, etc.

How do bones help you move?

bones support muscles and other tissues. Muscles contract, moving bones, which move the body.

What muscles are the muscles that move bones?

Skeletal muscles .

Muscles and bones together enable the body to?

The bones adequately support the muscles, and the muscles move the skeletal system. They coincide with each other in order to work. one system could not work without the other.

How does muscular system interact with skeletal system?

The muscle contraction causes bones to move joints, muscles help protect bones. Bones provide attachment sites for muscles; store Ca2+ for muscle function.

Explain how muscles and bones work together?

When bones move it causes the muscles to move with it. Without muscles and bones working together we cant perform movement

Muscles that move bones?

voluntary muscles

What are the muscles that move bones?

Skeletal Muscles