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The tactics that William used were three. Horses, Archers and soldiers. At first in the battle they failed however near the end he used them and that is how he won.

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Q: What tactics did William use?
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Why did William of Normandy use his tactics?

To win the battle

What tactics did William Shakespeare use?

Shakespeare was, as far as we know, never a soldier, and he certainly was never a commander. So he didn't employ tactics.

What tactics did they use in the Battle of Hastings?

William was tricky to catch and did a fake retreat.And the game 1066 will help you

Why do you use tactics?

Why do I use tactics? Well, because tactics are better than brute force.

Why did William use tactics in the Battle of Hastings?

william wanted too win the battle of hastings soooooo badly that he used the same trick 3 times

What kind of war tactics did he use?

What kind of war tactics did who use?

What tactics can you use in football?

tactics for football

What has the author William Albin Stecher written?

William Albin Stecher has written: 'School tactics for the use of schools and gymnastic associations' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What tactics did William use in 1066?

William the Conqueror used cavalry and archers, which his opponent Harold did not have. William would feign retreating, only to draw Harold's foot soldiers in, to be promptly overrun by cavalry.

What were the tactics of William after 1066 in his army?

please answer, somebody!

What tactics did the vietcong use in the vietnam war?

Guerilla Tactics

What military tactics did Germany use?

Mainly Blitzkreig tactics

What tactics were used at the battle of hasting?

The shield wall - William

What has the author William Steffen written?

William Steffen has written: 'Digest of the United States tactics' -- subject(s): Drill and tactics, United States, United States. Army. Infantry

What are Tactics and strategy?

tactics are a use of good skills that you use in any type of sport to be able to win something e.g. a football match people use tactics to get past there oponents

What battle tactics did the swamp fox use?

guerrilla warfare tactics

How do you use the word tactics in a sentence?

Tactics means to have a plan to attack. Example: Our team has the tactics to win this game.

What tactics where used on Philippines in war 2?

That was Japanese occupied territory, therefore they had use what all occupied countries had to use, guerrilla tactics. When you don't have an army to fight with, you use guerrilla tactics.

What were Williams tactics Battle of Hastings?

William was strong in moral and some of his tactics like telling his archers to fire up which killed Harold.

3 reasons why William won the battle at Hastings?

luck, leadership and tactics

Which were the most important tactics that William the Conqueror used in the battle of hastings?

it was gay

What tactics did William that Harold didn't?

he fell from a horse so they thought he was dead.

What tactics did Roundheads use in the Civil War?

the roundheads didnt have any tactics at alll

What is the different between strategy and tactics?

Strategy: careful planning Tactics: the use of strategy

What war tactics did North Korea use in the Korean War?

Actually, the North Koreans fought mostly a standard "conventional" war, though they did use infiltration tactics (NOT guerrilla tactics).