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Q: What taxes did the british give to the american colnist?
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What does the congress have to do with the revolution?

they were the ones who took place over the british and are what we call our leaders. they make up and give us our taxes and laws.

What was the American warship captured by British captain's last words were don't give up the ship?

The Chesapeake

Why was the British grant of most-favored nation status important for American merchants?

because the british agreed to to give up thier forts on americans territory

Why did England pose taxes on the colonies?

England or Great Britain posed taxes on the colonies as it was very expensive to look after the upkeep of them. For example, when the French attacked America in the early 18th century it cost a lot for British and Canadian troops to defend the Americas from attack. Slightly off topic but; it was therefore irrational when the American colonists were then taxed and they held things such as the Boston tea party because of these taxes which were mostly to pay for the defece and upkeep of the American colony. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- one of the main reasons was that the still forming America had to make things for them selves. they had blacksmiths,textiles,farming and so on.because of that , they no longer had to buy from England BUT were Selling to England and other places. England wanted merchantilism(the people had to give a part of the sales to the king + taxes) and (we)THE PEOPLE SAID NO. so England raised taxes to get their money and soon the war for Independance broke out.

Who controlled the land north of the great lakes during the revolution?

Britain- The "Treaty of Paris" in 1763 forced France to give its Canadian claim to the British. :)

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Why did the British give the colonists taxes?

warfare was the biggest promblem. they had taxes to pay off them self

How did colonists show their opposition to British taxes and tarriffs?

you give them a weggie like you did to me when you bullied me

Who was in the revolionary war?

it happened because the british and the colonists were mad at each other and the british wanted to give the colonists taxes but bad taxes so they had to pay for sugar tea and so that's what the revalountary war was for

Americans fought the war because of unfair taxes?

Actually American colonists paid considerably less in tax than people in England did. The real issue was the lack of representation for American concerns in the British government. When the British refused to give the Americas colonists representation the Americans' decided they had to beocome independent and take care of themselves.

What did the british refuse to give up after the American revolution?

The British refused to give up the Boston tea and the stamp act, But later they were both given up.

What did the British agree to Jay's treaty?

The British agreed to give up forts and pay damages for American vessels they seized.

What does the congress have to do with the revolution?

they were the ones who took place over the british and are what we call our leaders. they make up and give us our taxes and laws.

What slogan summarized the basis for the colonists resistance to british taxes?

Perhaps the most famous slogan that came out of the American War for Independence was the patriotic cry of Patrick Henry, 'Give me liberty or give me death!' Although not all colonists who fought the British were so zealous, this slogan does summarize to a great extent the basis for much of the colonial resistance to Great Britain's heavy-handed rule.

Phrase in American English?

British-English: "Could I have a pint of best bitter please?" American-English: "Give me a beer."

Why the north American colonies rebelled against great Britain?

they fought back because the wanted their freedom. the didn't want to taxed and have to pay for all the british mistakes. they dumped the tea when they were taxed for it. they wanted to have there normal colonist lifes back.

Why were many native American allied with the British during the war of 1812?

Well they allied with the British because the British promised to give the Natives land in return. In a sense, the British persuaded/bribed the Natives into being allies with them.

Do taxes on Internet give good taxes?

Kind of it depends on which taxes your talking about