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Atlanta Thrashers

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Q: What team did the Winnipeg Jets replace?
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What team did Winnipeg jets replace?

Atlanta Thrashers

Are the jets from New York?

The football team is, but the hockey team Jets are from Winnipeg, Canada.

What team turned into the Pheonix Coyotes?

The Winnipeg Jets.

What team is now the Winnipeg jets?

The Phoenix Coyotes.No, sorry. The Phoenix Coyotes WERE the WinnipegJets.The new Winnipeg Jets were formerly the Atlanta Thrashers.

What happend to the Winnipeg NHL team?

The Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix and are since 1996 the Phoenix Coyotes

Will the Winnipeg jets get their team back?

They Just Got back in 2011

What NHL team had the most captains in one season?

Winnipeg jets

When was Winnipeg Jets created?

Winnipeg Jets was created in 1999.

What team does Jacob trouba play for?

Jacob Trouba plays for the Winnipeg Jets.

What NHL team is better Pittsburgh penguins or Washington capitals?

Neither. The best team is Winnipeg Jets.

What NHL team does Mike Hoffman play for?

Michael Hutchinson plays for the Winnipeg Jets.

Why was Winnipeg called the Winnipeg jets?

Because their from winnipeg.