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What team is the richest in the NFL?

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The Seahawks. (Paul Allen is the reason)

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Who is the richest NFL team?

Dallas Cowboys

Which NFL team owner is the richest?

Paul Allen

What is the richest NFL team?

None, the NFL has revenue sharing, where all the teams get a eqaul share of all the money the NFL has earned.

Who is the richest team owner in the NFL?

Paul Allen - Seattle Seahawks

Who is the richest NFL team owner?

Paul Allen owner of Seattle Seahawks cofounder of Microsoft

Which is the richest football team in Africa?

Kaiser Chiefs is the richest team in Africa.

Who is the richest sport athleic in US?

The NFL is the richest professional league in the US.

Who is the richest nfl player?

Peyton Manning

Who is the richest franchise in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys

Who is the richest cheerleader?

Kelli Finglass is currently the richest NFL cheerleader. She makes a staggering 1.5 million dollars per year cheerleading for the NFL.

Which is the richest soccer team in south africh?

The richest Soccer team in South Africa is the Orlando Pirates.

Who is the richest running back in the NFL?

Peyton Manning

Why is jj okocha the richest?

His the richest nigeria soccer team not in the world

Does Wyoming have an NFL team?

does wyoming have a nfl team

What is the richest owner in the NFL?

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seattle Seahawks, is the richest NFL owner. He has a net worth of approximately 15 billion dollars.

Richest Team In The World?

The richest club is the spanish giants Real Madrid.

Who is the richest NFL quarterback of all time?

Roger Staubach

Who is the sorriest team in the NFL?

redskin's is the sorriest team in the nfl

What is Nevada NFL team?

Nevada has never had a team in the NFL.

What is the NFL football team in Iowa?

Iowa does not have a NFL team.

What is Maine's pro NFL team?

Maine does not have an NFL team.

Are the Denver Broncos an NFL team or college?

They are NFL team.

What is the name of the NFL team in Canada?

there is no NFL team in Canada

What is the name of the NFL team in Arkansas?

There is no NFL team in Arkansas.

Does Alabama have a NFL team?

No, there is no NFL team in the state of Alabama.

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