Why is jj okocha the richest?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His the richest Nigeria soccer team not in the world

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Q: Why is jj okocha the richest?
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The richest Nigeria football player?

jj okocha

Which is the richest soccer club in Lesotho?

Mamelodi Sundowns kaizer Chiefs Orlando pirates

Who is Africa richest football player?


Is Mikel Obi Nigeria richest footballer?

Kanu Nnwankwo is the richest player in nigeria.

Who is Austine JJ Okocha?

He was an international soccer player from Nigeria known for his prolific dribbling skills. Also a member of the 1994 soccer team that won the African Cup of Nations.

Who are the top 10 richest African players?

jj okocha kanu nwakwo didier drogba ahmaed mido emanuel adebayour micheal essien obafemi martins samson apiah el hadji diouf benny makathi gaylay saygbe

When was Peter Okocha born?

Peter Okocha was born in 1952.

Who is the richest African?

According to Forbes: Mohammed Al Amoudi of Ethiopia is the richest African in the world, with a net-worth of about 9 billion US dollars, placing him 43rd overall in the world. He has investments in Sweden, the Middle-East and Ethiopia.J J Okocha is the richest African football player

What nicknames does Amechi Okocha go by?

Amechi Okocha goes by Meech.

How tall is Amechi Okocha?

Amechi Okocha is 6' 2 1/2".

What is Jay-Jay Okocha's birthday?

Jay-Jay Okocha was born on August 14, 1973.

When was Jay-Jay Okocha born?

Jay-Jay Okocha was born on August 14, 1973.