What teams made up the NFL in1950?

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The Decatur Staleys and the Chicago Cardinals were the founding members of NFL.
Cleveland, San Francisco, and Baltimore-would join the NFL in 1950 and chiefs...they won the first ever super bowl...

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What are the NFL teams?

Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Cinncinati Bengals, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, San Fransisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphin ( Full Answer )

NFL team has not made it to the Super Bowl?

Four NFL teams have never appeared in the Super Bowl. They are the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What NFL team had the worst regular season record yet still made the playoffs?

The worst record for a playoff team that played a full, 16 game regular season is 7-9, belonging to the 2010 Seattle Seahawks. There have also been nine 8-8 playoff teams as of the end of 2010: 1. 2008 Chargers 2. 2006 Giants 3. 2004 Rams 4. 2004 Vikings 5. 1999 Cowboys 6. 1999 Lions ( Full Answer )

Is there an NFL team that has never made the playoffs?

yes - the Houston Texans - only 7 years old but getting stronger finishing 8-8 this year All NFL teams have made it to the playoffs. However The last team to make it was the Houston Texans in the 2011-2012 season.

Which NFL team has never made the playoffs?

As of the 2008 season, that would be the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans As of the start of the 2008 season there is only one team that hasnever made the playoffs and that is the Houston Texans.

Teams of the NFL?

colts . redskins . patriots . steelers . broncos . lions . bucs . cowboys . ravens . giants . saints . eagles . chargers . bills . cardinals . falcons . titans . Texans . chiefs . jaguars . dolphins . Seahawks . Bengals . bears . vikings . packers . 49ers . jets . raiders ( Full Answer )

How many 8-8 teams have made the NFL playoffs?

10. 1985 Cleveland Browns, 1990 New Orleans Saints, 1991 New York Jets, 1999 Dallas Cowboys, 1999 Detroit Lions, 2004 Minnesota Vikings, 2004 St. Louis Rams, 2006 New York Giants, 2008 San Diego Chargers, and 2011 Denver Broncos The 1985 Browns, 2008 Chargers, and 2011 Broncos won their divisi ( Full Answer )

What 8-8 NFL teams have made the playoffs?

There are several, including two cases where two 8-8 teams made the NFL playoffs, in one instance both won their wild card games. No 8-8 team has ever won a divisional round. Here is a list of 8-8 teams to make the playoffs: 1990 New Orleans Saints: Lost 16-6 to Chicago in wild card game 1 ( Full Answer )

Which NFL teams that made it to the playoffs?

I am no expert, but im sure every NFL team has made it to the playoffs, the houston texans have recently made it to the playoffs, so it cant be them.

What 7-9 NFL teams have made the playoffs?

Three teams have made the NFL playoffs with losing records, two in 1982 when the schedule was only 9 games. The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns were 4-5 that year; both were the eighth seed in their conference. The first non-strike team to make the playoffs with a losing record is the 2010 Seat ( Full Answer )

What are the teams in the NFL?

1:Colts 2:Ravens 3:Cowboys 4:Saints 5:Redskins 6:Giants 7:Panthers 8:Packers 9:Raiders 10:Eagles 11:Steelers 12:Chargers 13:49ers 14:Titans 15:texans 16:Seahawks 17:Rams 18:Buccaneers 19:Bears 20:Bills 21:Cardinals 22:Chiefs 23:Falcons 24:Vikings 25:Lions 26:Patriots 27:Jaguars 28:Browns 29:Broncos ( Full Answer )

Have 2 undefeated NFL teams ever made it to the Super Bowl?

No, in fact, there have only been four teams with unbeaten regular seasons in the entire history of the NFL. Only 2 teams have ever been in a Super Bowl with perfect records. The 1972 Miami Dolphins , who were 14-0 and then beat the Browns and Steelers to enter Super Bowl VII with a perfect 16-0. ( Full Answer )

What is a basketball team made up of?

a basketball team is made up of 5 players and 5 or more substitutes. 3 forwards and 2 defense. your forwards are your center, your power forward and your small forward. your defence are your point guard and shooting guard.

Which NFL teams have made the play-off's each year for the last 10 years?

Between the 2000-2009 seasons, no team has made the playoffs every season. The Indianapolis Colts have made the playoffs in 9 seasons, the most of any team. 2001 was the only season in the past 10 that they didn't make the playoffs as their record was 6-10. The Philadelphia Eagles made the pla ( Full Answer )

NFL Teams that never made the Super Bowl?

There now are only four teams that have never made a Super Bowl appearance -- the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans.

How many 0-3 NFL teams made the playoffs?

It would take alot to go through history and figure it out, bu the last time a team started 0-3 and made the playoffs was in 2000. So it's rare.

How many 1-4 NFL teams made the playoffs?

Since the NFL went to it's current twelve game playoff format in 1990 eleven team who have been three games below .500 at any point during the regular season have gone on to make the playoffs. The last team to start the season 1-4 and make the playoffs were the 2002 NY Jets who not only made the pl ( Full Answer )

How many 1-5 nfl teams made the playoffs?

In the Super Bowl Era, only ONE team has started 1-5 and made the playoffs; in fact, they started 1-6. The 1970 Cincinnati Bengals won their Division and went on to the AFC Playoffs. They were shutout in that Playoff game by the BALTIMORE Colts, 17-0.

What 8 NFL teams made the playoffs?

AFC - Patriots / Steelers / Colts / Chiefs (WC Ravens / Jets) NFC - Falcons / Bears / Eagles / Seahawks (WC Packers / Saints)

Which team made the biggest come back in NFL in the super bowl?

The biggest comeback to win was 10 points by the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV and Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII. Both were behind 10-0 starting the second quarter. The biggest comeback to take a lead was 13 points by the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. The Cardinals were ( Full Answer )

What NFL teams have made the most Super Bowl appearances?

The Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New EnglandPatriots and the Denver Broncos share the record for most SuperBowl appearances with eight each. The Steelers have won the mostSuper Bowll championships with six.

Have 3 teams from the same division ever made the NFL playoffs?

Yes. In 2006, The Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants all made the playoffs from the NFC East. Also, in 2011, the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals made the playoffs from the AFC North. Actually in 1994 when there were only 3 divisions 4 teams from the NFC Central made the playoffs, Minnesota 3 Green Bay 4 Detr ( Full Answer )

What nfl teams are up for sale?

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently got a new owner however, they are not very good and he shouldn't last too long at all. Also, i'm guessing the Cleveland Browns won't hold too long either! So if you're shopping for a team, wait! lol :)

Which team ended up at the top of the 2012 NFL standings?

The overall winner of the 2012 NFL standings was of course the Baltimore Ravens, the winner of the Superbowl. There are also conference winners and those were New England for the East Division, Baltimore for the North Division, Houston for the South Division, and Denver in the West Division for th ( Full Answer )

What team was made first in the NFL?

The title of oldest professional football club in America actually goes to the The Chicago Cardinals. The team formed in 1899, before the NFL was created.

Can you sell paracord bracelets made with NFL team colors And list it as NFL inspired team colored bracelets?

If you just sell them as colored bracelets, you shouldn't have any problem. However, if you make any reference to the NFL or an associated team anywhere on or with the product, then it comes under NFL or specific team licensing regulations. In short, you cannot market anything (inspired or not) with ( Full Answer )

Who made up the DX team in the WWE?

The current members of the WWE DX team are Billy Gunn, Chyna, Rick Rude, Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Tori, and X-Pac. The team debuted in August of 1997.