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What teams were in the first Super Bowl?

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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first Super Bowl.

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How many first seed teams have won the Super Bowl?

17 teams won the super bowl that was the 1st seed

How many Super Bowl teams have won the Super Bowl by scoring first?


How many teams were there by the first Super Bowl?

There were 15 teams in the NFL, and 9 teams in the AFL.

What teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year?

What teams will be playing in the Super bowl 2014

How teams have won then Super Bowl?

18-20 teams have won the Super Bowl.

Who were the two teams and who won the first Super Bowl?

the packers

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl IX. It was the teams first ever Super Bowl appearance.

What were the first nlf teams to go to the first super bowl ever?

The Packers.

What teams where in first super bowl?

Green Bay won the first one

What football teams are in Super Bowl this year?

There are no teams in the super bowl yet. The oficials are deciding

Did last years super bowl teams lose in the first playoffs?

No, in order to make it to the Super Bowl both teams must win all of their playoff games.

What teams were in the Super Bowl of 1958?

there was no Super Bowl in 1958. the 1st Super Bowl was in 1966.

How many teams scored first and lost the Super Bowl?


How many teams win super bowl after scoring first?


What two teams first played in the Super Bowl?

butts are cool

Has any NFL team won the Super Bowl on their first try?

Yes, through Super Bowl XLIV 9 teams have won the Super Bowl in their first appearance: 1) Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl I (obvious since it was the first ever Super Bowl). 2) New York Jets - Super Bowl III 3) Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowl IX. 4) San Francisco 49ers - Super Bowl XVI. 5) Chicago Bears - Super Bowl XX. 6) New York Giants - Super Bowl XXI. 7) Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl XXXV. 8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Super Bowl XXXVII. 9) New Orleans Saints - Super Bowl XLIV There have been 19 teams that lost the Super Bowl in their first appearance.

What teams are in this Super Bowl?

the saints and the colts are in the super bowl of 2010

What two teams played in the first Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first Super Bowl.

Who was the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers first Super Bowl championship team?

Chuck Noll was the head coach of the first Steelers Super Bowl champion team that won Super Bowl IX. He was the head coach of the first four Steelers Super Bowl champion teams.

Who was first coach to lose a Super Bowl with two different teams?

Don Shula, who lost Super Bowl III with the Baltimore Colts and Super Bowl VI with the Miami Dolphins.

Who were the first teams to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl IThe Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs35-10 in Super Bowl I played on January 15 1967.

Who was the first special teams player to be the MVP in a Super Bowl?

Desmond Howard was the MVP for the Green Bay Packers in the 1997 Super Bowl.

What Super Bowl was the first to not have cheerleaders?

Super Bowl 45: February 6th 2011. The Steelers and Packers are the only teams without cheerleaders.

What percentage of teams who score first win the Super Bowl?

60 percent

What NFL teams have six Super Bowl rings?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the first to do it.

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