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Find the mass of a known volume of the liquid and use the formula mass/volume to find the density.


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A hydrometer can be used to find the specific gravity (relative density) of a liquid by determining how much water it will displace. Various calibrations are used for different kinds of liquids.

A hydrometer is used to find the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids.

It is not used for this.A hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids, NOT rock.To measure the density of a rock you weigh a piece of it in air, then measure the volume of water it displaces in a measuring jug.Density = mass/volume.

A hydrometer is used to measure the relative density of liquids. The level at which the hydrometer floats shows the density

To calculate the density, find the mass and the volume. Mass divided by volume = Density. Each substance has a different density. Density is measured in g/cc (solids) or g/ml (liquids).

Hydrometer is used to measure density of liquids.

A hydrometer is an instrument used for measure the specific gravity of liquids, which means the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water.

The derived unit that is usually used to express the density of liquids is either g/cm3 or g/mL. This is possible because 1cm3 = 1mL.

The specific gravity of the water goes up. Specific gravity is a measure of density used for liquids.

density -------- Graduated cyllinders are used to measure volumes of liquids, powders or fine granules.

Pumice the only common rock that floats in water. But flotation is a technique often used in the processing of rocks for lab study. For this, very dense fluids are used such as polytungstates, or some heavy chlorinated or brominated liquids. Some of these have a relative density of 3.

Density= Mass/Volume Density= Mass/Volume

The hydrometer is an instrument used to measure density of liquids; it is graduated in units of density. Put the the hydrometer in the liquid (at 20 0C or at another temperature marked on the instrument) and after about 30 s read the density.

Hydrometer is used in batteries to measure density. A float tells you the density using displacement.

it is used to separate two liquids and find out what both of them are

To explain first: density is mass (m) per unit volume (V)-how heavy something is compared to its size. Water, for example, has a density of 1g/cm3.

Bottling is a type of food preservation technique. Bottling is used to store liquids in cylinder glass containers that have a detachable lid.

when there is less density difference between two liquids of mixture & proper difference in boiling point distillation can be used.

kilograms per metre cubed, or grams per centimetre cubed.

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