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One technology fix everyone can use is the tap. put tap into water stream. when you do not want water to be wasted turn tap off.

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Q: What technology can help conserve water?
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What do birds excrete and how does this help conserve water?


Why is water harvesting being encouraged these days?

water harvesting can help to conserve water

What can be done to help conserve fertile soil?

Fertilizer, crop rotation, water, and regular care all help conserve fertile soil.

How can the farmer help to conserve the soil?

water is bad!1

How can watering your lawns at night help conserve water?

Less evaporation.

How do you help conserve water?

Use drip irrigation, take shorter showers, or wash only with a full has a good section on tips to conserve water, both at home and work. These tips are simple and inexpensive, while they help conserve gallons of water every day. Check out the link given below.

Why do have to conserve water?

we have to conserve water to save our planet

How do plants help conserve water and soil?

when the plants wilt they bend and result in the shortening of transpiration which helps to conserve water

Why water conservation and controlling water pollution is important?

It is important to conserve water because there isn't enough clean water for everyone in the world. If we turn of our water faucets when there not being used and take shorter showers etc. it can help conserve our clean water

How do forest conserve water?

Forest conserve water because it's only circling tru the clouds

What describes a method that is used in agriculture to help conserve water?

Possibly you are talking about drip irrigation.

How can reservoirs help conserve fresh water for drinking at later times?

stop it from going to sea to begome salt water