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101.5 in a still air incubator

99.5 in a forced air incubator

Also important

For the first 18 days the humidity should be 50%-60%ish and the eggs should be turned an odd number of times, at least three.

For the last three days the humidity should be about 65%-70%, and the eggs should not be turned.


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Q: What temperature do you need to incubate chicken eggs?
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What temperature do you need to incubate finch eggs?


Can a hen overheat her eggs?

No, the eggs and the hen kind of go hand in hand. A chickens body temperature is 101-102ºF. That happens to also be the temperature that the eggs need to incubate at. Since the chicken cannot warm the eggs to a higher temperature than she is, the hen herself cannot overheat the eggs.

Can hot weather affect baby crocodiles?

there will be fewer since the eggs need to be the perfect temperature to incubate and hatch

What is gestaton period for chickens?

Chicken eggs need to be incubated for 21 days to hatch. you can incubate them with an incubator or put them under a broody hen

How To Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs At Home?

Probably what you would want to begin with is purchasing an incubator. With the incubator instructions will be given with it. Most incubators will come with a thermometer. Chicken eggs need to be kept at a 100 degrees F temperature. The eggs need to be turned daily. This can be done manually or with an electric egg turner. They'll also need mouisture, but most incubators tell you exactly what to do. They'll take 21 days to hatch.

What is the temperature that chicken eggs need to be at to eat?

39119 Fahrenheit

Why do you need an incubator to hatch eggs?

It's to show how the temperature is the same as the chicken.

What temperature do chicken eggs need to hatch?

chicken eggs have to be at 100.9 degrees or near that any higher and u will not have a good hatch

Does a female chicken need a male chicken to have eggs?

No. You do not need a Rooster ( no such thing as a male chicken) to get a chicken to lay eggs. Eggs are produced based on daylight paterns. The rooseter is only needed if you want to fertilize the eggs.

What temperature do you need to incubate robin eggs?

Robin eggs need to be kept at a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If they get to hot don't try to cool them off with water just let them sit in a shaded area for a while and hope that they are still alive. T~O~L

Do you need a cock to get eggs from a chicken?

You do not need a cock to get an egg from a chicken. If you want to have fertilized eggs that will hatch into chicks there has to be a cock.

Why a home is important to birds?

Birds need a home because they reproduce by laying eggs, and those eggs need to have a safe place to incubate, until they hatch.

What temperature does an egg need to be incubated for it to hatch?

Chicken eggs need to be incubated at around 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Do you need a rooster to make chickens have eggs?

Nope! All you need is a chicken to get eggs!

How many days for a chicken egg to hatch?

From the time you "set" the eggs in an incubator at the proper temperature you will need to wait 21 days.

Can you artificially incubate freshwater shrimp eggs?

They do not need to be incubated in the traditional sense, most freshwater shrimp eggs will hatch in the same water as the Adults live.

How many chicken eggs equal one turkey egg?

Two small chicken eggs equal to one turkey egg. When a recipe calls for chicken eggs, you can substitute them for turkey eggs if need be.

How hot does chicken need to be cooked?

at a high temperature

How does the mom duck help to hatch her eggs?

Momma duck keeps the eggs warn and humid. Her body temperature is just right to incubate the embryo inside the shell. She guards the helpless eggs from predators and she rolls the eggs over several times per day to make sure all the nutrients the developing duckling need are available.

What temp does an incubator need to be set on for chicken eggs?

You wanna keep the incubator around 99 to 100 degrees for chicken eggs. Chicken egg take 21 day to hatch and the eggs should be rotated often.

What temperature does chicken need to be at?

165 degF internal temperature is safe

Do eggs need to be turned in an incubator?

yes, you need to turn your chicken or duck eggs in an incubator, atleast once a day.

Can male and female Leopard Geckos live together?

Yes, but they will mate and it can be stressful on the female. If you don't want eggs, then separate them. You need to learn how to incubate and raise eggs appropriately.

Do you need an incubator for the eggs to hatch if it is cold outside?

Depends on if you have a broody hen. If the hen is brooding then you do not need to incubate, if you have no natural brooder then yes, an incubator is needed.

How do you get non-fertile chicken eggs from the chicken?

To get non-fertile eggs you need to keep the hen and rooster separated, or get rid of your rooster all together.