What temperature is considered hot?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What temperature is considered hot?
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What temperature is considered running hot?

Temperature when rises above 55 degrees F (10 degrees C) is considered running hot. You will feel difficult to run fast at this temperature.

How the temperature and hotness of the body related?

If the body has a high temperature, then it would be considered hot. The term "hot" can also mean "good looking." This meaning of hot has nothing to do with the temperature of the body.

What water temperature is considered hot in celsius?

Over 40.

What type of desert is the Thar?

The Thar Desert is considered a hot desert.

What is considered a hot temperature in California?

It depends what part of California you are in. Typically in the Los Angeles area it is considered hot once it hits 92 degrees. In the coastal areas it would be 85.

What is the cesious ewuatvalent of 212?

Two hundred and twelve in Celsius equals to 100 degrees. This is considered hot temperature.

Is 39 degrees Fahrenheit hot?

No. The temperature 39 °F is equal to a Celsius temperature of only 3.89 °C -- this is only a few degrees above freezing, and as a weather temperature is considered "cold".

How hot is a very hot day?

A very hot day is usually 97 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to be considered very hot. However, 'very hot days' usually pertain to a certain area where the temperature is higher than normal.

What happens when hot temperature meets hot temperature?

They tend to be equal in temperature.For a start, it will remain hot.

What is the temperature of hot tea?

The temperature of hot tea is about 40° Celsius

What is the differnce between temperature and heat?

temperature can be hot or cold, heat is diff variations of hot.

Which is warmer tempid or hot water?

The warmer of the two would be hot water. Tepid water is nearly body temperature, so it is considered lukewarm. That means that hot water is hotter than lukewarm water.