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180 degrees centigrade

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Q: What temperature will cheese melt?
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How long does it take American cheese to melt in room temperature?

American cheese does not melt at room temperature (unless your room is too hot for people.

What temperature does cheese melt?

At 180 degrees niggi

Why does cheese clump and not melt?

Because the temperature at which you are heating it is too hot.

What is quick melt cheese?

quick melt is a kind of cheese that is easy to melt

What temperature does cheese begin to melt at?

It really depends on the type of cheese, but the average melting point is about 232 degrees Fahrenheit.

At what point does cheese melt?

It depends on the cheese type, its temperature, and its mass. But the melting point for cheese usually ranges at around 275 F to 350 F.

Can you use a hand torch to melt cheese?

Any heat source can melt cheese.

What else melts besides ice?

There are many objects that can melt. Depending on the heat source and temperature plastic can melt. Metal also can melt as high temperatures. Cheese melts and so does chocolate.

How do you melt smooth cheddar with macaroni?

heavy whipping cream and cheese will melt into cheese sauce.

What temeture do you cook mac and chesse at?

The ideal temperature to cook mac and cheese is between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This is high enough of a temperature to melt the cheese but also to treat the dish as a casserole.

What cheese is recommended for melt purpose?

American Cheese American Cheese

Why do you have to keep cheese cold?

If you keep your cheese warm it will melt but if you keep it cold it won't melt. That is why your mom keeps the cheese in the refrigerater. ^_^

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