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Q: What ter describes the fear of Communist influence in the 1950s?
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What is the term that describes the fear of Communist influence in the 1950s?

The second Red Scare

What terms describes the fear of communists influence in 1950s?

the second red scare

What was the term describes the fear of Communist influence in the 1950?

The Red Scare.

What term described the fear of communist in the 1950s?

the second red scare

How did fears of communist infiltration affect American culture in the 1950s and early 1960s?

Americans were shocked and scared in the 1950's and 1960's based on fear of communist infiltration. The government was watching anyone who they deemed communist or affiliated with any communist closely. This resulted in many people closing their mouths about political beliefs due to the fear of being questioned or watched.

What does the term 'red scare' denote from political views?

The term "Red Scare" refers to periods of heightened anti-communist sentiment, fear, and persecution in the United States. This term is often associated with the First Red Scare following World War I and the Second Red Scare during the Cold War era in the 1950s. It typically involves government actions to suppress perceived communist threats and dissent.

What effects did the Comintern have on the W est?

The Comintern, or Communist International, aimed to spread communism worldwide, including in the West. It provided support and guidance to communist parties in Western countries, leading to increased influence in labor movements and political activities. However, its involvement also sparked fear of communist infiltration, leading to anti-communist sentiments and actions in the West.

How is The Crucible by Arthur Miller a metaphore for the fear of communism in the 1950s?

How is The Crucible a metaphore for the Fear of communisn in the 1950's?

Unreasoning fear of communism that swept the US in the early 1950s?


Fear of this kind of war reached hysteria in the 1950s?

nuclear warfare

What was the Cause of war?

Fear of communist expansion in Asia.

What did Americans fear during the 1905s?

Americans were very worried about the threat of Communism in the 1950s. This fear was so prevalent at the time that the 1950s are often called the time of the "Red Scare."