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The forces on an object with a net force of zero are balanced.

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What term best describes the forces acting on an object with the net force of zero?

The forces are in equilibrium. That means they cancel each other out.

Which best describes the forces in the nucleus of a stable atom?

The strong nuclear force balances out the electrostatic force.

Which term best describe the forces on an object with a net force of zero?

Balanced forces, Forces in equilibrium, Net zero forces.

What one of these definitions best describes character?

A person, animal, object, or natural force in a story or poem

What best describes how forces must interact for a kite to sail up into th air?

no your wrong the force of the wind must be greater than the force of gravity

What effect does a force have on an object?

When the forces balance, the net force is 0, and the object does not accelerate. When one force is larger than another on the same object, you get a net force, meaning the object will accelerate. This is basically explained by Newton's 1st Law - an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force. You can be moving, but have balanced forces acting on you giving you a net force of 0. The best example is driving down the highway in your car with the cruise control on. The force of the engine propelling you forward is balanced by friction and air resistance pushing you backwards. The result is a net force of 0 and your car not accelerating, but staying at a constant speed

What best detirmines the net force when more than one force is acting on an object?

You need to get the vector sum. You can do this by resoving all forces into its 3 axis components, adding forces in like axes, and compute the new vector.

What best describes an object with constant velocity?

Constant speed, moving in a straight line, zero acceleration, zero net force acting on it.

What best describes how heat flow?

heat flows from a warmer object to a cooler object.

What word best descibes a push or pull on an object?

A push or a pull on an object is a force on that object.

What best describes Newton's third law of motion?

All forces act in pairs of equal and opposite forces....

Which of these best describes newtons third law of motion?

All forces act in pairs of equal and opposite forces.

Which of these best describes Newton's third law of motion?

all forces act in pairs of equal and opposite forces.

What best describes how the mass of an object affects the amount of force needed to move the object?

The different amount of force is needed because some objects have more mass and weight than others for example if you have a ball of Styrofoam and a baseball the baseball has a higher density and mass so it takes more force to move the baseball than the Styrofoam.

What best describes volume?

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.

Which best describes the structure of this sentence?

This sentence places the object before the verb.

Why is less force needed to keep an object moving than to start the object in motion?

The best, purest answer is: Because no force at all is required to keep a moving object moving.

What best describes external conflict?

An external conflict is a struggle a character has with outside forces.

what definition best describes the term. Characterization?

The representation of a person, animal, or object through voice, movements, and expressions

Which nation has strong air force?

The US Air Force and the Israeli Air Force are renowned to have the best Air Forces in the World.

What intermolecular forces best describes why molecules like CF3CF3 are soluble in liquid CO2?

Induced dipole best describes why molecules like CF3CF3 are soluble in liquid CO2.

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