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The transfer of energy between two objects is referred to as heat transfer. It is always called heat transfer, regardless of what kind of energy is being transferred.
Thermal energy.
yes. btw, that's not a question.

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What term describes the transfer of energy between objects that have different average kinetic energies?

The transfer of energy between two objects at different average thermal kinetic energies (temperatures) is referred to as heat transfer. It is always called heat transfer, regardless of what kind of energy is being transferred.

What is energy transfer?

An Energy Transfer is when energy gets tranfered from one place to another. This is a simple term called Energy Transfer.Sources:My BrainandWiki

Difference between energy and work?

The two are closely related. You can think of work as a transfer of energy. However, this term is used specifically for mechanical energy.

What is the chemical term for heat transfer in a reaction?

it is called energy transfer or calories transfer

Difference between work and energy?

The concepts of "work" and "energy" are quite similar, and they are measured in the same unit (Joules). The term "work" is usually used for the transfer of energy.

What is the long term affect of energy transfer?

there is no long term affect, in fact energy transfers all the time

Which term best describes energy transfer between trophic levels?

Inefficient because heat is lost by using energy as you proceed or increase the trophic levels

Why is melting of ice is a term of energy transfer?

Ice won't just melt on its own, without an energy transfer. Energy needs to get into the ice, to increase its heat, and melt it.

What do you call the transfer of thermal energy through direct contact?

We apply the term conduction to the transfer of thermal energy through direct contact. The other two mechanisms that transfer thermal energy are radiation and convection.

How heat transfer when an ice cube melts in your hand?

Well the transfer of heat is called "Erected energy transfer" and is the same heat/energy that makes your penis warmer than the rest of the body when erected, hence the term "Erected energy transfer".

What is a bank transfer?

A bank transfer is an alternative term for a wire transfer - a transfer of funds between banks via electronic means.

What is the general term for any transfer of thermal energy?

Heat energy is the form of thermal energy. It provides heat to the surface.

The transfer of thermal energy?

The transfer of thermal energy is done through the process of heating. You would need to have good conductors of heat so as to transfer thermal energy.AnswerThe term, 'thermal energy' is obsolete. The modern term is 'internal energy' and it describes the sum total of all the energies (e.g. due to the vibration of the molecules, etc.) associated with any given body.You cannot 'transfer' internal energy. Internal energy can only be increased or decreased.'Heat', on the other hand, is defined as 'energy in transit from a warmer body to a cooler body'.'Work' describes the process of converting one form of energy into another.The change of a body's internal energy is the difference between the work done on that body and the heat transfer away from that body.

What is the transfer of thermal energy called?

We often use the simple term heat transfer to refer to the transfer of thermal energy. The study of thermodynamicsis where you'll find out all you want to know about thermal energy and how it moves from one place to another.

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