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Q: What term refers to processes that do not involve heat transfer?
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What processes transfer heat energy along the wire?

Those processes that involve particle friction.

Is isothermal expansion reversible under ideal conditions?

No. All processes involving heat transfer are not reversible, since they result in an increase in entropy. Isothermal expansion implies heat transfer to maintain the system at a constant temperature. Normally an expanding gas would cool if there were no heat entering the system. Adiabatic processes involve no heat transfer and are reversible. The temperature can (and usually does) change during an adiabatic process.

Is there a transfer of matter the food coloring involve during transfer of heat?

Kiss muna

Is there a transfer of matter the food coloring involve during the transfer of heat?

Kiss muna

What are the 3 processes to transfer heat?

conduction convection radiation

What processes of heat transfer are affected with thermos flasks?

Conduction, convection and heat radiation.

What process is a method of heat transfer but it does not contribute to the moving heat energy in and around the earth?

There are three means of heat transfer, Convection, conduction, and radiation. All three occur to some degree in all heat transfer processes.

Which type of heat transfer does not involve particles?

Radiant heat does not require particles. It involves light in the infrared range.

What two interactions involve a transfer of heat energy?

heat energy conversion in generation of electricity..i.e..burning of coal..

What three processes transfer heat over earths surface?

Convection, radiation, and conduction

What are two kinds of energy transfer does radiation involve?

Long wave radiation can be the result of kinetic energy, or latent energy being transformed into heat energy. Or a heated surface radiating heat energy. Short wave radiation from the sun is heat energy released by the fusion processes present in the sun.

What is the only way to transfer heat in a vacuum?

Radiation.Conduction and convection both involve a material medium.