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Southwest Airlines at LAX is in Terminal 1.

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Delta Airlines is located in Terminal 5 at LAX airport.

what concourse does southwest airlines use at ohara's airport

As of April 2010, the following airlines fly from LAX to Las Vegas: American Airlines Delta Air Lines Southwest Airlines United Airlines US Airlines

LAX's Terminal 2 serves Volaris, among several other airlines.

International airlines are all in one terminal, with a few minor exceptions. If you have to change terminals, there is a free shuttle that will take you to the terminal you want, located outside each terminal.

Terminal 2 has International flights operated by Northwest and Canadian Airlines but is not the main International terminal which is the Bradley Terminal.

The cast of Airline - 2004 includes: Susie Boersma as Herself (Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, LAX) Colleen Bragiel as Herself (Customer Service Manager, Southwest Airlines, Midway Airport) Val Brown as Herself (Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, Midway Airport) Frank Carson as himself Chip Coffey as himself Martie Duncan as Herself - Delayed Passenger Antonio Fargas as himself Anita Herbert as Herself (Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, Midway Airport) Yolanda Martin as Herself (Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, LAX) Steve Ramirez as Himself (Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, LAX) Patti Starr as Ghost Hunter Lenny Wilson

No , Southwest is not part of American Airlines.

No, Frontier Airlines is not associated with Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Air flies to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport. They use terminal 2.

What terminal you fly from at LAX depends on where you are going and what airline you are using to get there.

Yes. Service will begin on June 10, 2012. Non stop-flights from LAX to Atlanta.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) serves the Greater Los Angeles Area. At LAX, JetBlue is in terminal 3.

As of April 2010, the following Airlines fly direct from SYD to LAX: Delta Airlines Qantas United Airlines V Australia

Flying to Los Angeles Int'l (LAX) from McCarran Int'l (LAS) takes about 1 hour 50 minutes. The airlines that operate between these airports are American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin America.

Southwest Airlines does not fly into or out of Montana.

No, Southwest Airlines originated in Texas in 1971.


Southwest Airlines flies to Birmingham, Alabama

Southwest Airlines started in 1967 by Herb Kelleher

No, Southwest Airlines does not provide service to Aruba.

Yes Southwest Airlines flies to Seattle.

China Southwest Airlines ended in 2002.

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