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Q: What terms describes the development production ans use of machines or mechanical structures?
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What are abstraction level of programming of multimedia?

Physical level: The lowest level of abstraction describes how a system actually stores data. The physical level describes complex low-level data structures in detail.Logical level: The next higher level of abstraction describes what data the database stores, and what relationships exist among those data. The logical level thus describes an entire database in terms of a small number of relatively simple structures. Although implementation of the simple structures at the logical level may involve complex physical level structures, the user of the logical level does not need to be aware of this complexity. Database administrators, who must decide what information to keep in a database, use the logical level of abstraction.View level: The highest level of abstraction describes only part of the entire database. Even though the logical level uses simpler structures, complexity remains because of the variety of information stored in a large database. Many users of a database system do not need all this information; instead, they need to access only a part of the database. The view level of abstraction exists to simplify their interaction with the system. The system may provide many views for the same database.

What does conversion of electrical power to mechanical power mean?

There is no such thing as 'electrical power' or 'mechanical power' or, in fact, any other sort of power. Power is simply a rate -the rate of doing work. In SI, power is measured in watts. An obsolete unit of power is a horsepower. Although, in the Unites States, the power of an engine is usually measured in horsepower, elsewhere it is measured in watts (or, more usually, kilowatts).So, when an engineer describes converting electrical power to mechanical power, what he actually means is the rate of converting electrical energy to mechanical energy.

What is the first dimension?

In its simplest form: a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions.

What describes a warranty?

What is a warranty

What best describes void in javascript?

An operator