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rough or smooth .

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What kind of skin do amphibians have?

Amphibians have moist skin.

Do amphibians have scales or skin?

Amphibians have moist skin.

What role does an amphibians skin play?

Amphibians skin helps them breathe.

Do amphibians have dry skin and scales?

No, amphibians typically have moist, smooth skin.

How is the skin of reptiles and amphibians similar?

Reptiles: Dry, scaly skin Amphibians: Wet, slimy skin

What is the body covering for an amphibian?

Amphibians do not have scales on their body and possess a slimy skin.All amphibians have a covering of moist skin. They do not have scaly skin or warty skin: they have moist skin.Amphibians are covered in skin with a protective mucous layer. The mucous can sometimes have poison. Other amphibians can breathe through their skin.slimy skinvery thin skin, because amphibians can actually breathe through their skin and extract oxygen.skinThe skin of amphibians is thin and membranous, it consist basically of the same material as the human skin, but thinner.

What is the difference between the skin of amphibians and reptiles?

Amphibians have smooth wet skin and reptiles have dry scaly skin.

Do amphibians need to keep there skin wet at all times?

No, amphibians do not need to have there skin wet at all times. Most amphibians can be in and out of water.

What type of body covering does a toad have?

Toads are amphibians. All amphibians have a covering of moist skin. They do not have scaly skin or warty skin: they have moist skin.

Why are axolotls amphibians?

It has the smooth skin and egg types of amphibians.

Why does the skin of amphibians have to stay moist?

Amphibians breathes through their skin, they accumulate enough air from the moist on their skin. If there is no moist, they will die.

Why do amphibians have wet skin?

Amphibians need wet skin at all times to breathe through the pores on their skin .

Does amphibians have a dry scaly skin?

Most amphibians have slick moist skin and some, such as toads, that live in drier regions have thickened or "warty" skin. True scales are seen in reptiles but not in amphibians.

Why are penguins not amphibians?

They can keep warm, which amphibians can't. They can't breathe through the skin, which amphibians can.

What animal has thin damp skin?

Animals that have thin damp skin are amphibians. Amphibians like frogs, toads, and newts have that type of skin.

What animals have slimy skin?

The animals that have slimy skin are typically amphibians. Some examples of amphibians with slimy skin are frogs, salamanders, and mudpuppies.

Do amphibians have skin?


Does amphibians have wet skin?

no it does not

What do amphibians have on there skin?

no scales

What is the meaning of skin texture?

The texture of your skin is how your skin feels. For example if you had rough skin and somebody wanted to know what the texture of your skin was ( for any reason ) then you would say rough because that is the way it feels. Hope this helped :)

Do salamander belongs to amphibians?

yes,because it is have smooth skin and animals have smooth skin are totally belongs to amphibians

What sort of skin does amphians have?

Amphibians have scaly skin.

Are crocodile anphibians?

No crocodiles are NOT amphibians they are reptiles amphibians have skin not scales.

Why is a frog's skin's slimy?

Frogs are amphibians, so they spend most of their time in water. This causes them to have a protective layer of skin to keep them from drying out. This and the fact that they spend much time in water results in a slimy texture of their skin.

What is the skin texture of a dolphin?

The texture of a dolphins skin is smooth and rubbery like a swim suit.