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Geordies or maybe a Magpie

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Whose flag has red and white stripes blue triangle and a white star?

Puerto Rico

Whose flag has red and white stripes a blue triangle and one white star?

puerto rico

Whose Seven Nation Army won the 2004 Frammy for Bestb Rock Song?

The White Stripes

Whose flag has red and white stripes a blue triangle and one star?


What does broad mean in the lyrics of the star spangled banner?

"Whose broad stripes and bright atars" refers to the width of the red and white stripes on the flag (banner). They are wide, or broad.

What is the name of a white-striped black spider?

The zebra spider is an arachnid whose body is black-and-white striped.Specifically, the zebra spider (Salticus scenicus) can be found in Europe and North America. It has alternating black and white stripes running horizontally across its body and legs. It also will be recognized by predation - as a jumping spider - by pouncing and by two of eight eyes being particularly prominent.

Was Frederick Douglass in a white or black community?

Douglass was an ex-slave whose mother was black His father was unknown but may have been white. Douglass had both black and white friends but he spoke for the black community.

What is a white waterslager?

It is a bird whose repertoire include bell and flute sounds unlike other birds.

What Spanish country has 5 stripes?

Costa Rica and Cuba are two Spanish countries whose flags have five stripes.

Whose stripes and bright stars?

The flag has strips and bright stars

How many black US presidents have there been?

There has been one and only one black person who served as President of the United States if you count the current president, Barack Obama, whose mother was white but whose father was a black African.

Is there a music group whose name has to do with birds?

There is a band called "The Birds"!

What bug has a white-dotted body?

The eight-spotted flea beetle of Brazil and Suriname is a bug whose body is white-dotted. The insect in question (Omophoita cyanipennis) showcases eight large white dots along the upper part of its black body. Its body terminates in six black-colored segmented legs and a black-topped pink head whose two segmented antennae are black.

Whose broad stripes and bright stars?

Talking about the American Flag in the anthem

Definition of white tiger?

White tigers are tigers whose fur is white instead of orange, with black stripes. The white fur is the result of a rare genetic mutation due to a recessive gene. In the wild the only white tigers are Bengal tigers, however very few wild white tigers reach adulthood because they don't have the camouflage that orange tigers do. White tigers are bred in captivity because they're popular, but because the gene is recessive and rare this usually results in inbreeding.

What is a mulberrie?

A mulberry is a type tree whose edible fruit often comes in the colors of white, black, or red.

Which city have a tree whose leaves are white in the morning red in the noon green in the evening and black in the night?


Which city is a tree whose leaves white morning afternoon evening green and red are black night?


What country's flag is one third green one third red and one third yellow?

There are two national flags for which this fits the description - the national flags of Lithuania, whose stripes are horizontal, and Guinea, whose stripes are vertical.

Does the pattern on the Tallit mean anything?

Some suggest that the stripes are to remind us of the Biblical blue dye (see Numbers 15:38), which we no longer have. For this reason, some communities have the custom of using (dark) blue stripes, not black. For those whose custom it is to use black stripes, perhaps it's so that one should not erroneously believe that real techailet (dye) was used. Also, the Zohar explains that white represents chesed (Divine Benevolence) and the blue (black, dark) stripe represents gevurah (G-d's severity). Furthermore, the Mitzvah of reciting the morning Shema-prayer begins when it is light enough outside for one to distinguish between white and blue. Since we no longer have the techailet, the black stripe in the cloth of the tallit can be used to ascertain whether the time for reading the Shema has arrived.

Member of the black panthers whose violent statements and behavior frightened or angered many white Americans?

malcom x

In which there is a tree whose leaves are white in morning red in afternoon green in evening black in night?

there is no any tree like that .,.,.,

Which city has a tree whose leaves colour is white at morning red at noon green at evening and black at night?

no one........

What is a horse with brown and white patches called?

The term generally used for a horse whose coat consists of large brown and white patches is SKEWBALD. If the patches are black and white, he would be called PIEBALD.

What does whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight mean?

Francis Scott Key could see the stripes and stars of the flag during the war of 1812.