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are asteroids smaller or larger than planets

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Is an asteroid smaller than a planet?

Planets are generally much larger than asteroids. Some extremely large asteroids are classed as dwarf planets, but there are not many of them.

Is there an asteroid bigger than the sun?

No, asteroids are smaller than planets, and planets are smaller than the sun.

Is 250 planets larger than 100 stars and 100 asteroids?

YES, 100 stars and 100 asteroids are larger than 250 planets

How are planets compared to asteroids and planets?

Planets are larger and more massive than asteroids, but very nearly the same size and mass as planets.

Are comets larger then asteroids?

Virtually all comets are larger than some asteroids and smaller than others.

What are the tiny planets?

Objects that are smaller than planets are called "dwarf planets"; even smaller objects are called "asteroids".

Which of the following is usually the smallest A planets B comets C asteroids D moons?

its the comets are smaller than planets, moons, and asteroids. In order of size, usually comets < asteroids < moons < planets

Is an asteroid smaller than mars?

Asteroids can be different sizes, so they can be larger or smaller than Mars.

Why aren't asteroids called planets?

Asteroids are not spheroidal in shape, they are much smaller than the planets, and they were unknown to the ancients who first noted the stars that move in the sky and called them planets.

What four inner planets are larger than the outer planets?

The inner planets are smaller than the outer planets.

Are asteroids larger than meteoriods?

Yes. By definition a meteoroid is smaller than an asteroid.

Is earth larger or smaller than all the other planets?

Of the seven other planets that orbit the sun, three are smaller than Earth and four are larger.

What are asteroids larger than?

Asteroids are larger than Meteoroids.

Are satellites larger than the planets?

No. They are usually smaller.

How is a asteroid different than a planet?

Asteroids are much smaller than planets and generally are not rounded by their gravity.

Can an asteroid be bigger than Jupiter?

No. Asteroids are smaller than even the smallest planets. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. The only object in the solar system larger than Jupiter is the sun.

Are comets asteroids stars or galaxies sometimes called minor planets?

Asteroids, some comets, and dwarf planets are classified as minor planets. Stars and galaxies are much larger than planets There are dwarf planets and these are Ceres Pluto and Eris.

What planet is big as an asteroid?

None. Even the smallest planets are larger than the largest asteroids.

Why were objects that formed farther out than space smaller than the planets?

Objects that formed farther out than space are smaller than the planets because there is less matter available to form them further out from the sun. Less matter results in smaller objects, including asteroids and dwarf planets.

How are asteroids different than planets?

planets are apart and help are solar system and asteroids hit are planets

Are asteroids bigger or smaller than planets?

Asteroids, by definition, are much smaller than planets. That's one reason why they are mostly shaped irregular, unlike planets which are close to being round. The round shape is due to the increased mass (or weight) and only large masses tend to be round due to gravity.

What are the four planets larger than the earth and what are the smaller planets then the earth?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are much larger than earth. Venus (slightly), Mars (by half) and Mercury are smaller than earth.

Is a dwarf planet is larger than the earth?

no dwarf planets are smaller the Earth and the other planets.

Are gas planets smaller or bigger than rocky planets?

They are larger, at least based on the planets in our solar system.

What planets are smaller then Venus?

Mars, Mercury, and all the dwarf planets and minor planets (asteroids) are smaller than venus. as of yet, there are no exoplanets smaller than venus, except one orbiting a pulsar, PSR B1257+12, that is only .02 (thats smaller than Ceres, the smallest dwarf planet)

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