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What the difference between apologize and sorry?


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To apologize is a verb meaning to retract an insult or other injury and offer regrets that it happened. Sorry is an adjective meaning, among other things, feeling regretful. Thus when you make an apology you can say "I apologize" (apologize is the verb) or "I am sorry" (am is the verb).

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To apologize (verb) is to issue an apology (noun).

Well, you only use a 'z' in America and you use an 's' in England.

The difference between one apologising and one being sorry is very subtle. If one were to 'apologise', one would be admitting that something they did was wrong, but not necessarily caring. If one were to be 'sorry', they are not only admitting that they were wrong but owning up to it and actually feeling remorse.

A synonym for apologize is "Regret".im sorry

What is apologize mean? Apologize mean, when you do something wromg you need to sorry to the people that you done something wrong and that is call apologize.

Just apologize with that sorry look in your eyes.

Excuse oneself is knowing and accepting the reasons of a mistake. Apologize is presenting one's excuses for a mistake.

apology or apologize ... Sorry; repentant {apex}

In English, its common to use "I apologize" instead of sorry.

'my bad' 'my regrets' 'i apologize'

I'm sorry = "i apologize". "excuse me". there is, as well, "i beg your pardon" and "pardon me"

Start by admitting you were wrong and then end it with a sorry.

Being sorry about something you did is like saying sorry for tripping you and if your sorry for something that happened is like sorry for your loss. Sorry for your mistakes. Sorry about your loss.

Im sorry but the answer is not found

Sorry is an expression of regret or sorrow at a loss over something done while an apology refers to a written formal letter expressing your regret at a mistake done.

just say i am sorry for what ever you did

I apologize, but Istra is NOT in Greek Mythology. Sorry!!

Lo siento = I'm sorry ¡perdón = Pardon

Well, not exactly. "I'm sorry" is exactly equal to "I apologize."

its not my fault i'm really, really sorry! i'm really, really sorry!

Sorry E.g: We apologise for any inconvenience caused We are sorry for any inconvienienced caused

For a man to apologize, means that they're genuinely sorry but it depends on the way they say it. It could be a sarcastic comment.

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